Google "dismantled" Android hardware initiatives after buying Nest, claims disputed report



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    $150 is NOT a refund. It won't connect your Pixel for a year on Verizon, or any carrier. I suspect one of the major selling points was the data plan - else - why would they have offered it with the Pixel? And now those 13 Pixel owners are stuck with a lobotomized machine. 

    Keep in mind that the original data plan was limited to 100/mb per month anyway. You can get a lot more data than that for $150 these days. For example, T-mobile will sell you 1GB of mobile data per month for $10 per month.

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    d4njvrzf wrote: »

    It'll cost Google $2000. If Apple pulled this shit, a class action lawsuit would've been filed.
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    Ah, it's Google Insider again today. :p

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