Adobe 'committed to helping' Aperture customers migrate to Lightroom after Apple announcement



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    jacktherat wrote: »
    ... Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L EF IS II USM...

    I agree with you and [@]sflocal[/@]; that is a great lens. With or without the L part.
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    I am a huge Apple fan, I currently own, a Mac Pro, iMac, iPad, Macbook Air and a dozen iPhones over the years, When it comes to photos there are many programs to choose from and Adobe does it well. I like Lightroom which manages my 1TB of photos flawlessly and Photoshop CC coupled with Photomatix for HDR. I am not a pro but it is very obvious why they use these products. I also like when it comes to how to photo tips.

    I don't think you will see Apple buying Adobe any time soon and having said that I am really looking forward to OS X Yosemite's new Photos app. I also use iPhoto especially while I am traveling, photo stream and the like is nice.

    Bottom line is that there is a lot out there to be creative with, remember, thats what its all about so just have fun and use what woks for you.
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    john.b wrote: »

    I've never worked out what SMH stands for.

    Steve makes Horlicks?
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    I've never worked out what SMH stands for.

    Steve makes Horlicks?

    Shaking My Head . . .
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    When Apple enters your business space they call it getting "Sherlocked." I guess when Apple leaves your business space they'll call it being "Apertured."
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    We need Microsoft around to show us how much better OS X is.  But, I'm still of the opinion OS X is getting long in the tooth.  I remember hearing at some point OS X was expect to have a shelf life of about 10 years before being replaced.  But…and a big but here…who expected iOS to present itself in the interim?  From what I see, we are going to see more and more of a meld between iOS devices and Desktop/Portables.  This is no clearer seen than the watching of OS X take on elements of iOS and iOS taking on more functionality of OS X driven products.  iOS products will get bigger and OS X thinner, lighter.  But, we really need an innovator to come up with a new foundation for the next generation operating system in the same manner Jobs created NeXT, because eventually OS X is going to suffer the same problems OS 8 and 9 were beginning to show near the end of their respective life cycles.  Discontinuing, ProApps is just the beginning of the painful process of change for Apple and for it's faithful customers.  

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    A better alternative to LR is Capture one pro 7... which also has cataloging which is excellent is available for $150

    You can try it for free here..

    I'm not a shill for any company but really angry with Adobe and their forced subscription plan which will probably include LR at some point soon!!Beside's IQ from C1P is excellent,it's the standard tethering app in the pro world!
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    I think it should be the other way around.  Apple needs to help Adobe help us transfer our libraries to Lightroom.  I've been contemplating the move to Lightroom for awhile now, so Apple's decision to cut Aperture doesn't pain me, but what does is the organisation I've put toward managing libraries.  Also, last week for the first time, I've created a Vault to back up my photos.  I'm thinking the best thing is a standalone application utility developed in conjunction with between Adobe and Apple to transfer the Aperture and iPhoto libraries to Lightroom.  I can't imagine professionals with large libraries doing this manually via exporting.  So ideally, keywords, EXIF, adjustments, versions, imported file formats, hierarchal organization formats and more would all have to be preserved when transferring.  I realize that the transfer wouldn't be perfect as we are talking about the apples and oranges professional photo editing and management programs, but we could be expected to have warning as to what will process and what data might be lost during transfer, being giving the option to stop transfer for certain situations.  But, it clear, for this to be successful, both Apple and Adobe software developers have to be in collaboration, on the same page.  i hope these issues are address and that neither teams leave the consumer with a bad taste in their mouths.

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    Originally Posted by digitalclips View Post

    I assume Aperture will keep working ... I just read in ARS that it doesn't work in Yosemite, which is weird as I have been using it around the clock in Yosemite for the last two weeks without any issues.


    Don't forget, that's beta.  Full release may disable Aperture.  Just saying.  But, I think I did read where Yosemite will be the last OS X to support Aperture.
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    Originally Posted by sflocal View Post


    So you're good at complaining about everything, yet offering zero on alternatives.  What options are there?  Stick with a forgotten product like Aperture and go on blind faith that Apple will get iPhoto (or whatever) more current?  If not Adobe, then whom?  

    I already pointed out that I'm not a fan of Adobe, but they are the only real game in town.  They have the product, it's used by a gazillion people, and most importantly, it's supported.  

    What other option is there?  

    I'm possibly looking into Nikon's Capture NX-D for raw conversion and editing in conjunction with ViewNX2 for management.  It only works with Nikon's Raw NEF and  NRW formats though(also jpeg, tiff)   Nikon guru Thom Hogan gave it scathing review, basically saying, and I paraphrase, Nikon, like Adobe, just don't get what photographers need from management and editing software suites.  Also saying, Capture NX-D uses SilkyPix structure, UI, with some Nikon-centric change.  U-Point technology is gone as will Capture NX2 once NX-D is released July 15th this year.  Beta available now with no support.(Update)  Just downloaded and tried Capture NX-D.  Not bad.  The controls are fluid. Non destructive editing.  Full Screen option.  Lens correction.  Most of the usual suspects as far as editing goes.  I ran into the spinning beach ball of death a few times, but to be expected from Beta.  Not as elegant an interface as Aperture.  More pro-features than iPhoto.  You have to be familiar with how controls work as the manual doesn't explain their function very well.  I can recommend for Nikon camera owners on a budget who are in the amateur class.  Pros will probably scoff at this app, but at least it'll be supported.  I'm sure we'll see more features to the app as time progresses.  I'm not adverse to going with Adobe products, but not sure if I'm ready for subscription model yet.  I've seen Lightroom in action and it look pretty good.

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    freediverx wrote: »
    philboogie wrote: »
    Apple already stated they will create a migration tool for users to switch over to LR, together with Adobe.

    Where is everyone getting this idea? Please share a link to any reference to Apple making such a comment.

    And it's turned around again:

    " told TechCrunch that its developers are "working with Adobe to work on a transitionary workflow for users moving to Lightroom,"
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    The wait is over and the solution is not coming from Adobe or Apple.

    AI - Please allow me to double post across threads, since I think it's easier and essential that Apple users get this info ASAP and give it a try.

    [URL=]If anyone is still following this thread[/URL], I'd like to inform them that an independent developer has developed a migration tool from Aperture to Lightroom.

    It's now in Beta:

    [URL=]Aperture Exporter[/URL]

    *** I said this shouldn't take long or be hard at all...:smokey:
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