Adoption of Apple's iOS 7 hits 90% ahead of next-gen iOS 8 release



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    dasanman69 wrote: »
    I wonder if that's where ESPN got the idea for "c'mon man" in the Monday Night Football pregame show.

    No idea but I would guess that 'com'n man' predates Ed Lover's phrase which he used extensively on "Yo! MTV Raps" in the 80s and/or 90s.
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    mike1 wrote: »

    One key reason is that the updates are free.

    I disagree, it was always this way. Microsoft devotees are totally different animals from Mac OS X users. They for the most part fear change, OS X users love it. Price be damned. Of course OS X users have the advantage that change is good, Windows users have had to live with the Mac OS lousy rip off and all the iterations since then for thirty years.
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    riss wrote: »
    no grandpa, that's not what I said - I said that the decline in iOS 6 % could be likely driven not by further upgrades from iOS 6 -> iOS 7 but if the total base of iOS devices grew and it increased iOS 7 share, the iOS 6 share obviously decreased (even though if in absolute figures stayed more or less same)... in order to compare apples with apples you need to normalise these samples, if you don't, it's not statistically correct, although it still shows the same trend which is a valid point compared to adoption/usage of Android OS releases 

    just my 2 cents & last post here

    'No grandpa?' Seriously? You are new to AI it seems and you disrespect one of our best and most knowledgeable members? Way to ingratiate yourself! Not!!
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    Originally Posted by Riss View Post

    iOS6 users didn't have any reason to move, no new features were added in iOS7, just bug and performance fixes.


    Why would you need to argue this??


    Because you said iOS 6 users didn't have a reason to upgrade; you didn't say I (Riss) didn't have a reason to upgrade.


    My posts pointed to several reasons why iOS 6 users would upgrade.  Most devices are now upgraded.


    Can you happily accept that you're in the minority?


     I despise flat UI from the bottom of my heart, I always liked Aqua-like interfaces. I agree that Forstall pushed the leather design too far, but I love the glass icon look and easy to spot buttons in apps.

    It's not the first time you've posted complaining about how the iOS and OS X interface looks.

    Personally I wouldn't mind if a tool or device had the most garish, day-glo surreal colours if it helped me with the tasks I needed to accomplish.

    I'd spend my time admiring what had been achieved or even the money earned than the device.


    If you're drowning in the sea and somebody throws you a lifejacket, will you be grateful it saved your life or grumbling it's bright orange and will look better in pastel green?

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