Apple and Samsung agree to settle all non-US litigation



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    Here comes the longest sentence I may ever have written...

    The battle has shifted away from look and feel toward capabilities and Apple has been showing that it has created a wide lead in that realm with true 64 bit processing, Touch ID security and other security capabilities, tight integration across the mobile and laptop/desktop ecosystem, CarPlay, HomeKit, HealthKit, Metal, first priority among developers when creating new apps, build quality, style, a global high-end retail presence, key partnerships, on boarding of new management and creative talent, secret projects in the works we've yet to glimpse, potential for iPayments, indoor mapping, a location-aware services and promotion/coupon network for Apple's advertising partners, an up and coming streaming radio service and associated talent to augment iTunes Radio, Beats headphones, earbuds, speakers and audio systems, iWatch, a large screen iPhone or two to take away the Android camp's only remaining advantage, updated iPads with TouchId, an eventual updated AppleTV with 4K and enhanced gaming capabilities and growing live content streaming options, and a critical mass of loyal customers eagerly awaiting all of this and whatever Apple comes up with next. 

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    This is possibly a step in the right direction to allowing Samsung to save face in some way<span style="line-height:1.4em;">. Pragmatically it likely affects Samsung agreeing not to keep going after Apple for standard essential patents, something that has proven to be entirely ineffective and increasingly viewed as illegal, if Apple doesn't pursue litigation on a small number of design copying claims it has against Samsung outside the US. Samsung is still going to have to pay up in the existing cases and will continue to get punished in US courts. The fact that this didn't result in a cross licensing agreement is a clear sign that this issue is far from over unless Samsung takes a different path towards owning up to its wrongdoings. </span>

    I don't think this shows any signs of "weakening" or lack of resolve by Apple. From the beginning Apple has always attempted to work this out mano-a-mano with Samsung's leaders. It's shocking that Samsung's leaders didn't take advantage of an opportunity to avoid public embarrassment and ridicule by altering their strategy early on. Perhaps Samsung felt emboldened by their success in the low end markets or by being a card carrying member of Club Android, backstopped and bankrolled by Google.

    It was Samsung who refused to take the high road and accept Apple's offer to cut their losses and save face up front. In all likelihood Samsung had no Plan B and had so thoroughly copied Apple's designs that retooling and starting with their own original concepts was financially impossible. The high road path would have been to pursue licensing deals with Apple much like most of the Androiders did with Microsoft. Once Samsung refused to accept Apple's offers that would allow them to save face they went on what has been an entirely pathetic and childish counterattack. Samsung's counterclaims either had no merit or were fabricated by placing ridiculous licensing stipulations on Apple around standards essential patents. Samsung even purchased patents from other companies along the way in an an attempt to show up to the fight with at least a weapon in hand.

    I hope that this agreement makes Samsung recognize that there is another path to pursue to righting a wrong that they inflicted upon Apple. Samsung is a company that is capable of doing many great things. They just need to grow up and stand on their own two feet and take the high road with respect to this matter. Apple has always tried to point them to the high road but they have obstinately refused to take the advice or their business partner, for reasons that are unbecoming of a mature, capable, and customer focused company. Samsung's real problems have nothing at all to do with Apple, they have everything to do with Samsung itself. Hopefully they will start to make the changes necessary to get their own ship in order before the rapidly awakening giant to their north crushes them. 

    You're far too lenient on Samsung. Your post has a place in 2112.
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    Originally Posted by cali View Post

    EVERY phone manufacturer has copied Apple after 2007.



    That's based on the false assumption simply having a slab touchscreen phone is copying.  That's BS.  If that was the case, Apple could be accussed of copying the LG Prada.  Form factors change and evolve, and a dominant pattern develops.  By your logic, every laptop after the Dulmont Magnum is a ripoff.  Before that, laptops didn't have the flip form factor.

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    Originally Posted by Jetz View Post

    That's based on the false assumption simply having a slab touchscreen phone is copying.


    No, not at all.

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