Apple posts Robin Williams tribute page to company website



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    I can hear the creaking of the desks–faintly–in the Apple commercial, so I don’t think it’s a different recording. Specifically when he lists the non-poetic occupations.

    If that's true, then this would make these repeated claims about how William's last project was helping to make this commercial false.  Or true on a technicality, but still dishonest.  Recycling audio from long ago is hardly the same as making a recent contribution to a project.

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    relic wrote: »
    he chose to give into his demon, when he should have dialed 911.

    And say what exactly? People always come up with these options like 'get to a suicide hotline immediately'. What are the people on the other end of the phone supposed to say or do? Until they can assess there's potential harm, they can't do anything. If the person was willing to be helped, they'd seek out help from the people closest to them rather than confide in a complete stranger.

    I had a doctor ask me once if I worried about things. I thought for a bit and said 'yeah, sometimes'. His advice was 'well, try not to worry about things a lot'. Wow, I'm cured doc thanks. But that's all they can do. They can't fix broken relationships, they can't fulfil your unfulfilled dreams, all they can do is give you drugs to take your mind off whatever problems you have or make empty reassuring statements.

    You mentioned you knew someone who has been in and out of mental institutions their whole life. That's why - they don't have a cure for it. It's up to an individual to find something meaningful in their life.
    allenbf wrote:
    Someone with depression isn't thinking clearly

    I'd say they are thinking negatively and destructively but can do so with absolute clarity. A lack of clarity would suggest not seeing available options but you can see all the options and disapprove of all of them. As mentioned, there is a report he had early stages of Parkinsons. His option if he chose to keep on living was that this condition would worsen over time. Eventually he'd be like Muhammed Ali:


    Michael J Fox is holding up ok, he was diagnosed 23 years ago but it might have a quicker effect on someone older:


    If he decided he'd be a burden to his family then his actions may have been for their benefit in the long-term.
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