Dr. Dre accepts ALS ice bucket challenge, nominates fellow rappers



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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    evilution wrote: »
    Dr Dre does something good for charity but right at the end of the video.... gun fingers.You can take a boy out of Compton......

    Gun fingers are a Compton thing?

    1000 1000 1000
    1000 1000
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    calicali Posts: 3,495member
    I hate this man! I just HATEM!!!

    after the beats deal I was forced to sell all my apple stocks and lose faith in this Apple.

    fire Tim cook!!

    because of this man Ive had nights upon nights of little sleep. My psychiatrist said he's only doing it to hurt me and that I should avoid sites like AI. bit am only hear to see apple doom which is soon thanks to this man!!!!!!!!
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    Originally Posted by cali View Post

    My psychiatrist said he’s only doing it to hurt me...


    Ah, I see the confusion. That’s not a psychiatrist, that’s a sadomasochist. ????


    Emoji since AI’s emoticons are broken. I don’t know why I went back to using them at all; emoji have a far greater range...

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    Originally Posted by tjskywasher View Post


    It's Sir Jony actually. If you're knighted you use your first name, if you're a Lord then you use your surname.


    I didn't know that. Thanks.

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,217moderator
    Bill Gates actually did it here:


    Pretty lame trying to market the Surface in there. Told you he was a dweeb, no friends to pour a bucket over him, just alone in his garden with a contraption he built and nearly crying at the end.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 31,087member
    I didn't know that. Thanks.

    We thought you knew all the secrets...
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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    We thought you knew all the secrets...


    Only the best kept ones...

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