Another purported 'iPhone 6' document suggests Apple may offer 128GB model



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    With cloud and streaming services I really have no need for anything more then 32GB. I used to store all of my music locally but now with Spotify what's the point. Photos taken with my camera are automatically uploaded and then deleted on my phone, with OneDrive so integrated into the OS I can't tell the difference when accessing those photos for viewing later. Videos, I don't really use my phone, to small, I have to many tablets that do that perfectly too try and sit in front of a small screen and enjoy a movie. I still have Netflix and Zattoo installed just in case but outside of testing I haven't used them as of yet. My iPad though, more is always better, I would actually like to see a 256GB version as I'm constantly deleting things with 128GB (music creation  apps), would still prefer a mini SD card slot.


    Yes, my sentiments, too. I'm inclined to stick with 64 GB for the iPhone, but I'd like much more for the iPad.

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    No more 16GB model, for the amount of music and apps and videos we have on our phones compared to 2007 there isn't a reason to still have that storage size. Start at 32GB, $50 more 64GB and an additional $50 gets you 128GB. Fire phone starts at 32GB for the same price as 16GB iPhone it's time apple switched things up. I'm tired of not being able to quickly take a picture because my iPhone can't possibly take another photo.


    Tons of people will still be happy with 16 GB; more importantly, Apple will still enjoy making a good profit on that size, too.

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    sog35 wrote: »
    Wow.  That's alot of devices!

    The Porsche phone will probably be a collectors item. 

    I also have the last version of the Porsche, the P'9881. It was an anniversary gift to replace my Vertu Constellation, my husband's firm gave one to each of it's executives and he managed to grab one for me as well, it wasn't so much for the phone but the concierge service that was attached to it. Anyway, when they canceled the service my husband felt guilty as I used it religiously, it's fantastic.
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    I would like to see:



    • true stereo output from internal speakers (even if it only allowed a mixed of L & R


    ...The advantage of stereo over mono is spacial cues. You don't get usable spacial cues with speakers less than an inch apart. Holding it close doesn't matter. Your head is too big for side-by-side speakers to do any good.


    Tiny little telephone speakers sound like crap. How is CrapX2 better than CrapX1?...


    I full well understand your argument about spacial cues in live recordings, or in action simulation. About the only way to address those is either proper separation (typ. 8' between loudspeakers) or cans where you can do all kinds of tricks by massaging the sound track.

    BTW: I never, in my life, suggested telephone speakers! LMAO.


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    Why? Seriously. What benefit will you realize? What advantage will there be to justify the increased size and cost of the phone or reduced size and quality of the speakers?...


    You ask so here she goes:

    My concern has to do more with recordings from the "earliest days of hi-fi". There is quite a large catalog of monophonic recordings and in some  of the cases these were released on stereo -- but with all sound going to the left or right side only. There are some specialized recordings for learning a guitar part; when you play it as normal you get the entire song, but when you cut the output to L channel then you can play along with the backing band -- and you have the opportunity to learn the guitar part.  

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    There is no any specification for iPhone 6 32gb, there are only 16gb, 64gb and 128gb iPhone 6, i can bet on this that 16gb iPhone 6 is never sold, most of people will going with 64gb iPhone 6. so there will be a huge demand of 64gb.

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