Vague schematics & details hint at mic, speaker, rectangular design for Apple's 'iWatch'



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    palomine wrote: »
    I think the watch might be oval, with the ends of the oval screen wrapping the wrist somewhat. The power button and speaker/ whatever would be on the ends of the oval. This leaves a rectangular or square area for the screen. That's my guess!

    I like the idea of oval.
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    These pictures make a lot sense because I felt that the iWatch would feature design clues from the iPhone 6. Round edges, tapered screen (sapphire) and a metal body. Plus a simple way to connect and change a variety of bands for fashion needs.

    It doesn't look like my style though. Bulky and if valid it won't feature a flexible display. I was hoping for something bolder, a more streamlined and thinner design.

    Guess I will buy it anyway. Apple is trying to open four more markets: wearables, health/fitness, home automation an mobile payment - exciting enough for me.
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    leighrleighr Posts: 221member
    The iWatch won't be round. It will be a tapered square, available in 2 sizes , but the same shape. It will be the software that sets it apart, and the wrist band / changing mechanism which will set it apart. Having a changeable wristbands is the kicker. It's easy to change the watch face through software, but having a range of quality changeable bands in different colours and finishes makes it fashionable, and opens up to third party manufacturers.
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    Originally Posted by palegolas View Post

    I believe the iWatch might have an "inverted" design. The processing unit will be under the wrist, and the interface will be a thin, flexible OLED wrist band over the wrist. Perhaps even semi transparent.

    Interesting idea.  This might also work as a bracelet style device, ala Fuelband which Tim Cook seems to like an awful lot...

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    That leak ended up being totally legit. 

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