NYT resurrects U2 rumor, says band to play 'significant part' in special Apple event



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    h2ph2p Posts: 331member
    That would actually be pretty interesting. A limited edition for charity Product (RED) iPhone 6.
    Yes yes yes. I think you've got it! Product (RED) iWatch! Otherwise I don't care to see U2.
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    This new view/layout looks awesome. Little touches before the big announcement huh?
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    What if they have a hologram of Steve Jobs make some of the announcements?
    That would be interesting.

    Before reading the rest of the comments to see if this hasn't been stated already... my reply is simply:

    That would tacky! :no:

    8 HOURS - 24 MINUTES -> Apple 3.0

    Edited: pipped by [@]charlituna[/@] - Thank g*d there's at least one reasonable thinker here(!)
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    jakeb wrote: »
    I can't tell if that would be genius or crazy. Can you imagine if Steve actually taped a message back when he wasn't sure if he'd be around to see the launch of his last awesome project. "If you're watching me on this tape, that means I'm gone. I have no idea if these bozos have f****d up my awesome project but they better have done a good job." 

    Would be far better than a campy hologram... even if Apple is a tech company. A hologram is simply tasteless! Plus Apple would take such an unbelievable amount of flak in the "religion and cult" disparagement of the past... raising SJ from the dead(!?)... they would all have to be simply masochists to even consider it.

    Simply: :no:

    8 HOURS - 19 MINUTES -> Apple 3.0
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    dreyfus2 wrote: »

    Really don't want them to play anything, but "where the streets have no name" would have been proper for the initial Maps.

    Ouch! Touché...:D

    8 HOURS - 15 MINUTES -> Apple 3.0
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    clemynxclemynx Posts: 1,552member

    Of course there is going to be an announcement linked to Beats.

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    RED iPhone 6.
    That's make sense if you consider a poll show Japanese want a red phone, not a purple one, which Sony keep building.
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    I wonder if Apple is already trying to make up for the lack of excitement that they anticipate after their new announcements today. Like seriously, who cares about U2 when Apple has so much to prove?
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    …Rumors were sparked by a photo supposedly showing U2 involvement in a video spot featuring some type of smartphone…

    It's a new commercial. Mr Tim always shows a new commercial or two, just as Steve used to. U2 is in a commercial. No biggie.

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