Apple paid undisclosed sum to release U2's "Songs of Innocence" for free [u]



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    Good. Quality artists shouldn't be expected to work for free.
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    I would say, a good artist is always a good artist, as much as a good provider is always a good provider. When it comes to the money for a “free-posting” of a song, don’t worry, we all paid for it (look at the receipt from your iStore) at some point. And we don’t mind. This is what some would call the kind of ‘hidden fees’. Generally, we choose to pay what we expect to pay only, don’t we? So, rest assured, even if you consider only a couple songs from the last album of U2 are fairly good, and would rather spend money on some other purchase, you still have one song given you for free, but paid with your money. Curious fact, but it always works. As soon as we understand clearly, what we are paying for, we don’t mind. But, when we realize some figures go out of the scheme, we get furious and start calling a deal unfair and indecent. Next time you consider picking out any provider of any service, mind how the fees and the rates work. Then, you will see how ‘no cheap’ the new free song from U2 is.

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