Apple Pay nets favorable transaction fees from banks, denied support from Walmart and Best Buy



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    Deux café au lait, s'll vous plaît!

    I must say that the French really know how to enjoy coffee, the moment and the company of the person(s) they are with.

    Personally, I enjoy having a coffee with friends. But when it comes to the coffee itself, Italians are true masters especially ‘Il doppio ristretto’.



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    They know a bit about food, too. ????

    Not more or less than other countries. But there is a conjunction of historical and geographical factors that explains cooking has always been held as a prime art in France.



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    While walking and talking with a French acquaintance in Paris, I was impressed that he walked with his hands behind his back, his body slightly bent forwards with his head down as if in considered, deep thought ...

    I complimented him on his reasoned conversation -- and how impressed I was with the way looked while walking ...

    Wasn't that guy named Spock? :)

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