Apple creates dedicated portal for users to remove unwanted U2 album



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    goddamned whiners. for the love of god, is this really the thing ruining your day?
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    I've said this before, but many kids today are pretty dumb and ignorant, even more so than before.


    This U2-Apple topic was actually on the TV news last night, I saw it. They interviewed some kids on the street and practically none of them had even heard of U2 before.


    A whole bunch of dumbass kids had sent out tweets to the effect of:


    What is this in my iTunes library? U2? Who the hell is he and why is he on my phone?:no: 


    I bet that all of those morons have heard of Justin Beiber before. 


    I'd be ashamed to even admit that I'd never heard of U2 before, I don't care what the person's age is! That's no excuse for pitiful ignorance!

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    Hmm I don't think it's fair to start bashing people for complaining about this.

    Apple sold us out. Don't forget a lot of money changed hands here, both sides see this as a marketing exercise, it's not something done out the goodness of there hearts.

    The way this was done was deliberate. As part of the agreement every iTunes user gets this in there library if you want it or not, that's part of the deal, apple took advantage of there position to be able to do that.

    That being said... It's not really a big deal, but people are not lazy for complaining about having to remove it when they shouldn't have to in the first place. It's a minor inconvenience but an inconvenience still the same forced on users to the benefit of Apple and Grandad Rock.

    I am pleased Apple have released this malware of the ears removal tool.
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    Originally Posted by zroger73 View Post

    The problem is when more than a dozen, unwanted songs pollute your song list without your approval or action.


    Quit whining. No, they don’t.

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    Originally Posted by Smarky View Post

    Hmm I don't think it's fair to start bashing people for complaining about this.


    It's fair.


    People are free to complain if they wish. And other people are free to respond to their stupidity.

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    Originally Posted by Scott Bland View Post

    So sad when a nice gesture can illicit such venom. Let's put things into perspective people - it was a free album


    One thing I've learned from the Google hate: nothing is free.

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    Originally Posted by waterrockets View Post



    This doesn't fall under "good deed" terms.


    Says you. Me, I think it's a great deed. You'd be wise to recall that your opinion does not speak for everyone.

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    "Maybe this was intended to be ironic, given the similarly precise location info in your own handle...?"



    Alas, no. I actually think they're still living in the world of the 1970s, when California was the Golden State.  At one time California did many things right, investing in dams and aqueducts rather than now being inordinately proud of plastic bag bans or purging tiny traces of chemicals in their products.


    It's called chauvinism, meaning being for a region but indifferent to or ignorant of its problems. Like Tim Cook, I grew up in Alabama and never understood why Southerners could be proud of a bloody, destructive and lost war to defend slavery. Tim Cook's Apple is like that about California. One wonders why anyone can be proud of a state where most children will have blighted lives thanks to a dreadful public school system. "Ah," you say, "but their kids go to pricey private schools or untypical public ones." Exactly.


    G. K. Chesterton, almost one of the "inkling" writers of my handle, described British chauvinism as being those who said, "my mother, drunk or sober," as if the difference didn't matter. Much the same is true of California's coastal elite. It's enough for them that they're not living in Kansas or, still worse, gun-toting Texas.


    They are, for a time, sheltered from the state's many ills. In fact, one characteristic of liberal cities such as San Francisco is that they have so few families with children, so few genuinely middle and working class people. and so few minorities such as blacks and Hispanics. The California of the coastal elite doesn't look like California, much less America or the world. That why Obama, with his weirder than weird history, seems to them to be black.


    That also explains "Designed in California," a statement that much of the rest of this country would not consider a compliment. It also explains naming a version of OS X after an obscure California beach known mostly to surfers. And it explains Apple's seeming inability to understand why not everyone is a fan of Bono and U2. Quite a few people across the political spectrum loathe Bono's hypocrisy about African relief.


    It even explains why Steve Jobs created a second residency in Tennessee to improve his chances for a liver transplant. Recently, states outside the South have been pushing to eliminate an organ transplant scheme that's state or regionally based. The reason? People in the South have a greater sense of community. They're much more willing to sign up to donate their organs to strangers than those in the NE, New England or, I imagine, California.


    There a self-focused me-ism prevails of the sort you hear in Apple's "Think Different" campaign. Note that what Jobs championed doesn't praise a medic responding to horrific accidents. It praises Picasso, who was such a jerk that he drove the women in his life to suicide. "Think Different" is more accurately described as "Be an arrogant jerk."


    A just-out book called The New Class Conflict by Joel Kotkin, explores what's going on here. Here's a short summary from Amazon:



    In ways not seen since the Gilded Age of the late nineteenth century, America is becoming a nation of increasingly sharply divided classes. Joel Kotkin's The New Class Conflict breaks down these new divisions for the first time, focusing on the ascendency of two classes: the tech Oligarchy, based in Silicon Valley; and the Clerisy, which includes much of the nation's policy, media, and academic elites.


    The New Class Conflict is written largely from the point of view of those who are, to date, the losers in this class conflict: the middle class. This group, which Kotkin calls the Yeomanry, has been the traditional bulwark of American society, politics, and economy. Yet under pressure from the ascendant Oligarchs and ever more powerful Clerisy, their prospects have diminished the American dream of class mobility that has animated its history and sustained its global appeal.


    One illustration is the push for self-driving vehicles from Google. They're treating it as a gimmick, since having a car that drives itself to the supermarket is hardly worth the trouble. But self-driving long-distance trucking and local delivery vans just might be economically viable. That'd  eliminate some of the better paying jobs among the "Yeomantry" so hated by this New Class. They rather see those yeoman turned into more compliant peasants.


    My hunch is that The New Class Conflict will generate a lot of discussion since is seems to be an excellent analysis of contemporary politics, including oddities like Al Gore Jr., a politician turned crony capitalists (think of the cable channel he sold) being on the Apple board. That's the "tech Oligarchy" linked to the elitist "Clersy" above.


    Note too the hypocrisy of the 'global warming' Gore selling a liberal cable channel he promoted through political connections to an Arab channel funded by Middle-eastern oil. Perhaps the most revealing trait of this New Class is their world-class hypocrisy. Their sense of moral superiority is in now way connected to deeds or based on character. They live in climate-controlled 15,000 square foot homes and harangue the Yeomanry for not hanging their laundry out in the sun.


    These kinds of clashes tend to recur over and over in history. In my latest book, I describe the Reconstruction era alliance between the Southern planter class and the Southern Democratic party. That one concealed itself behind racial bigotry. Today, a similar alliance conceals itself behind cultural bigotry. Both even have radicals who attack anyone who dares to criticize the prevailing dogmas about race/class.


    --Michael W. Perry, editor at Inkling Books, co-author of Lily's Ride: Rescuing her Father from the Ku Klux Klan.

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    Originally Posted by johnnyb0731 View Post


    To be fair to Bono he has an eye condition where he is very sensitive to light and needs to wear the sun glasses to prevent damage rather than wearing them because he's some "big artist star"

    Thanks.. I didn't know. The whole thing was totally out of place though.

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    The millennials have really poor taste in music. Of course they have no interest in this...
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    Originally Posted by AAPLfanboy View Post

    These wingers piss me off. Just put the album back in the cloud if you don't want it - or even better try listening to it - it's actually quite good.


    Gag me with a spoon.   Total Crap

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    Michael, thanks for spending time posting these very interesting ideas.

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    Originally Posted by Inkling View Post




    a+++++ excellent poster, great to read, would read again

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    Originally Posted by Inkling View Post


    Like Tim Cook, I grew up in Alabama and never understood why Southerners could be proud of a bloody, destructive and lost war to defend slavery. Tim Cook's Apple is like that about California.


    They live in climate-controlled 15,000 square foot homes and harangue the Yeomanry for not hanging their laundry out in the sun.

    Talk about harangue, pot meet kettle.


    Every state has its issues but your Alabama is largely subsidized by the likes of California so quit your bitchin'.


    California pays 150% more to the Federal government than they receive from them. Alabama receives 250% more from the government than they pay in. Apple is a California company and have earned the right to call their software anything they want. Tough s**t if you don't like it.


    But I totally agree with you on the U2 automatic download. That was BS. Glad I didn't have automatic downloads on. Does anyone know if it used your cell data or was it at least smart enough to wait until the device was on Wi-Fi. I had a similar issue with the auto download of iOS7. They failed to realize my Wi-Fi was actually a cellular hotspot and it ate up all my data and cost me money for going over the cap.

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    Originally Posted by ktappe View Post



    Says you. Me, I think it's a great deed. You'd be wise to recall that your opinion does not speak for everyone.


    So carrying an old lady's groceries across the street when she already has them on the right side of the street could be a good deed, depending on your opinion?

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    Like they say In the west: "Some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope"
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    miss priss wrote: »
    Like they say In the west: "Some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope"

    Ugh, I hate when I get hung with new rope. It's so stiff. ????
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    With hordes of iTunes customers loudly voicing their displeasure at having received 22-time Grammy-award-winning rock group U2's latest album for free in recent days, Apple responded to the cacophony on Monday with a new single-purpose web portal that will allow disgruntled users to remove the album from their iTunes accounts.

    That awkward moment when......
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    Certainly a first world problem.

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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    How would you feel about the day Apple can populate your iTunes account with free store credits?

    Those bastards better not do that!!!

    It’s like they are google except in reverse. Google wants everything and Apple gives everything!




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