Google's Schmidt says Samsung had iPhone 6-like product last year, calls Apple competition 'brutal'



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    I can understand his allegiance to Samsung/Android but you lose a certain level of respect and credibility when you try to dismiss Apple's product excellence and extraordinary customer acceptance with the new iPhone 6, Bravo Aplple, the competition is coming unglued!
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    Yep, apparently it was Samsung who was first to market with a 64-bit processor and Touch ID.
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    Has this guy ever heard that done first doesn't necessarily mean done right? Like a previous poster said, they had one with iOS? and an ecosystem?

    The first shall be last and the last shall be first -haha
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    rezwits wrote: »
    Has this guy ever heard that done first doesn't necessarily mean done right? Like a previous poster said, they had one with iOS? and an ecosystem?

    The first shall be last and the last shall be first -haha

    Lol! In that case, I better get my hammer out and start making my FrostPhone to blight those Apples.
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    Oh Schmidt.
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    xzuxzu Posts: 139member

    Look ma, we made a search engine!

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    Schmidt was a zero at Sun Microsystems and a bigger flake at Novell. How he was the only talent available for the douchebag twins at Google to have CEO is still something of mystery.
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    He's a sociopath. Those insincere, beady little eyes aren't fooling me.
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    Originally Posted by TexDeafy View Post

    Will someone in California or anywhere where Eric is at, please bust him in his shitty face? He don't know what the fucking he is talking about. Samsung didn't even have a fucking 64bit like iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 have right now. Just please kick him in his tiny bitty balls! ARRGGHH!!!


    Why on earth would you need 64 bits to address 1GB of RAM on a phone with only limited multitasking?

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    Originally Posted by pazuzu View Post


    He must have something on Apple which is why they never sued but went after Samsung instead. Big mistake- so much time and money spent and Apple won virtually squat. 

    $1.1B isn't squat.   Anyway, you go after the device makers since they're ones *selling* it.  Remember google gives it away.

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    Cut him some slack. He presents his company, what can he say...


    "Yeah, it's sad we can't really compete with Apple and basically have no idea how and why and so we just try random things and copy as best as we can."


    I'm sure their shareholders won't like to hear that... So yes it's funny reading that statement but it's not worth fussing over it.

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    I wonder how Google are going at preventing malware authors and their criminal customers from taking advantage of the design flaws in various Android OS releases?
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    Eric Schmidt?  That whore-monger who cheated on his sick wife?  The guy who had more "girlfriends" than Tiger Woods while the wife was lying sick in bed.


    Google employees should be embarrassed to have him as their Chairman.

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    davidwdavidw Posts: 1,837member
    Originally Posted by Drunkzombie View Post

    "The fact of the matter is you can make a small marketshare with a lot of profits, or you can make the same amount of money with a much larger marketshare with lesser profits." Schmidt said. "We go for volume in our strategies."




    In a way, it's the correct strategy for Google. For Google, it better for their business to have the personal data  nearly 1 billion people using Android phones  than only the several hundred million people using iPhones, even if they don't make as much profit selling Android phones. But the irony is that Google still makes way more mobile ad revenue with iOS than with Android. 

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    Being first means nothing if what you released isnt any good or its totally unusable as was the case with NFC in Android phones here in the states. Google and Samsung thought they could throw a piece of NFC hardware into a phone and call it a payment system....and it didnt work.
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    Interesting interview.  Thanks for posting.

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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,367member

    Why the hell wasn't he asked what the **** happened to Google Glass? Wasn't this supposed to be the next big thing, that all tech blogs and Fandroids had been hyping for 2 years as the definition of innovation? Where is it? How many have been sold? Why is Google now pretending the product doesn't exist, after yapping about it non-stop for years? Where did all the Glassholes go? Why does it still cost $1,500? Why isnt the software being updated anymore? Why is the design still unchanged since it was first previewed?


    What's amazing is the free pass Google always gets for these massive bombs. Imagine if Apple launched Glass, them promptly ignored it. They would never, ever hear the end of it. But Google somehow has the ability to move on without skipping a beat after every epic failure. 

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    Originally Posted by waterrockets View Post



    Why on earth would you need 64 bits to address 1GB of RAM on a phone with only limited multitasking?



    64 bits is not only about memory... Too tired of explaining it again and again and again, a search will tell you why it is important for OTHER reasons.

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    This year? Maybe Google Cloud Services and Apps Platform, where you can create, host, maintain, and build HTML5 solutions, with big data capabilities, integrated debuggers, flourishing APIs, and do it all from within Chrome.

    It is a platform I can use to process customer orders for my sports photography side-business. Google has eliminated the need for 90% of backend development resources.

    In my day job, we're using these services to cut out an expensive business partner who provides the backend solution for our product. One engineer is replacing seven with a more performant and maintainable system.

    So what's a bigger breakthrough? A 64-bit processor in my pocket to run Waze, or a tangible toolset to make lots of money?

    Schmidt could work on his charisma though.
    Good for you that it works for you. There are other solutions on other platforms that work equally well for others. Some even avoid cloud storage where data can be lost, compromised or even unavailable when they Internet is down.

    By the way, will your solution allow you to swipe a customer's credit card to pay for a sale? There are solutions that integrate that function on your awake device while providing all the backend processing you want.
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    sog35 wrote: »
    "I think Samsung had the products a year ago, that's what I think."

    Pathetic now the copyist is called the originator a copier.

    Doesn't he seem extremely defensive and aggravated?

    Looks like the iPhone 6/6+ and Apple Pay etc has him PISSED!! ????
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