Google's Schmidt says Samsung had iPhone 6-like product last year, calls Apple competition 'brutal'



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    josha wrote: »
    Even if Samsung did have the iPhone 6 hardware last year, they definitely didn't have the software  then or even now.
    Samsung it takes an OS and Apps as well as hardware to be the same.
    Google's android spying knows that !

    It's not that simple, just ask Palm, and BB. I highly doubt that the market could support a multitude of discrete OSs. Android has allowed the other manufacturers to survive, and as long as they're surviving there's always the chance to turn things around. Had they all gone with their own OS they'd be dead without a chance for anything.
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    Since Google makes money off of Google Play on Android of course they want Android everywhere. The Samsung comments are an indicator or denial as well as surprised Samsung brought up since Sam is looking to Tizen. Also who benefits from Android? M$ and T.I.! lol
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,955moderator
    john12345 wrote: »
    Eric Schmidt?  That whore-monger who cheated on his sick wife?  The guy who had more "girlfriends" than Tiger Woods while the wife was lying sick in bed.

    Google employees should be embarrassed to have him as their Chairman.

    Apparently Schmidt and his wife have an open marriage, although the $8b+ he has might play a factor in how happy she is with the setup:

    It's not all unattractive women he's seeing either. This girl is attractive:


    The woman in the following video says that she hoped he'd leave his wife for her:


    She wrote in a blog that Schmidt let her play with his prototype iPhone, maybe in exchange for playing with his other 3.5" touch device. He made her take the blog down:

    It's interesting that he worked at Sun Microsystems for 14 years heading up their software engineering. That might explain some of Google's preference for Java. He supposedly didn't want the iPhone because he didn't like not having a hardware keyboard - he had a Blackberry. Google's G-phone originally looked like a Blackberry.

    "reports and photographs emerged of the couple's visit to Burning Man, where Schmidt apparently refused to sleep in a tent, instead choosing to make a two-and-a-half-hour commute to a hotel in Reno. Schmidt's phone argument with Jobs also leaked out in excruciating detail. According to one unnamed source, the signal on Schmidt's BlackBerry kept dropping, hence the need to use a landline at a convenience store in the middle of the desert. Jobs had just found out about the G-Phone and was beyond livid. Schmidt "visibly lost his composure" as he took the epic bollocking from Cupertino, said the source. "His face went weird."

    How the hell can Schmidt's face get any weirder? Maybe they mean it turned normal-looking for a short time.

    "It has been said that Schmidt likes the apartment because it doesn't have a doorman - an oddity in that price-range in Manhattan - and that he has paid millions to have the place soundproofed because "he doesn't sleep well"."

    Poor guy, all that evil he's doing must haunt his dreams.

    Thing is, if people had to put themselves in his shoes, how differently would they do it? Would people turn down business opportunities to make billions in revenue or setup their lifestyle with multiple partners? Most likely people would do whatever made them happiest and someone somewhere would find parts of it distasteful.
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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,367member

    Originally Posted by danite View Post


    Samsung had the product six months ago translates to Samsung had 65 different handsets, and the features found in the iPhone 6 were probably available across the product line, though not on any one handset. It's a bit like saying that over the course of his career, some A leaguer pitched like Clayton Kershaw in that one of his pitches had the same speed, one had the same rotation, one had the same location, and one had the same element of surprise that most of Kershaw's pitches have in every inning.


    Yep. Same line of bankrupt reasoning as "LOL ANDROID ALREADY HAS THIS" when referring to a feature on an iPhone, and using the combined features of the pool of every single Android phone on the planet as comparison. They'll never point to 1 Android phone, they'll refer to several, each having a "feature" they're trying to dismiss. Yeah, I guess I could buy a fuckload of Android phones and tape them together. 

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    Originally Posted by Gatorguy View Post

    I thought the Snapdragon 801 used in the S5 was a quad-core processor, same as Apple's A8 being quad-core?


    The A8 is duo core. Where on earth did you get that it was quad core?

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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,651member
    foggyhill wrote: »
    The A8 is duo core. Where on earth did you get that it was quad core?
    OOPS.. Sorry. Quadcore GPU. :embarrass

    Anyway, Ars has an interesting article on Samsung. did you know they have more employees than Apple, Google and Microsoft . . COMBINED?
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    heliahelia Posts: 170member

    "I think Samsung had the products a year ago, that's what I think."




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    calicali Posts: 3,494member
    Schmidt. Schmidt. Schmidt.

    He's full of it.

    Schmidt. Schmidt. Schmidt.

    He's full of Schidt.
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    "The fact of the matter is you can make a small marketshare with a lot of profits, or you can make the same amount of money with a much larger marketshare with lesser profits."

    How can you make the same amount of money with lesser profits?

    What Schmidt is basically saying is that he wants Google to be the McDonalds of technology. :smokey:
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    emphasis mine


    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    "The fact of the matter is you can make a small marketshare with a lot of profits, or you can make the same amount of money with a much larger marketshare with lesser profits." Schmidt said. "We go for volume in our strategies."


    I think maybe he meant that there was lower profit per device, but I'm not sure.

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    Pearls of wisdom from the ugliest human being on the planet earth.
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    And if Same Song had anything close, they would have been pushing it out the door just to claim they were first.

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    Wrong Reply.

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    Originally Posted by jinglesthula View Post



    I think maybe he meant that there was lower profit per device, but I'm not sure.

    Or you can say "We lose money on every unit, but make it up in volume."

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    Why on earth would you need 64 bits to address 1GB of RAM on a phone with only limited multitasking?
    You are showing your computer basics ignorance. The 64 bits are not used only for memory addressing. The 64 bits means processing is performed on twice as much data in one clock period. It's the amount of data and not just the address space. Go back to Computers 101!!!
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    Pinhead Schmidt shouldn't be copying Apple's products. He should be sued.
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    Schmidt: "you can make a small market share with a lot of profits or you can make the same amount of money with a much larger market share and lesser profits."

    Some one needs to tell Schmidt that you can't "make the same amount of money" with "lesser profits."
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