Latest Apple TV update enables remote access relay for HomeKit connected accessories



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    I realize that this may not be the perfect place to post this, but thought it may be in conjunction with an impending update. My wife's iPhone has a dedicated settings spot for Apple Remote in the phone's main settings. My iPhone and 3 iPads do not. On hers, when you click the remote settings it has one heading labeled "iPhone settings" with one option " use cellular". Why would the remote app have this?? Is this linked to home kit?
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    webraider wrote: »

    Ultra Violet get's on my nerves too.  It wouldn't be so bad EXCEPT that it keeps telling me that I have to stream Standard Definition on my Mac Pro with Radeon HD video card plugged into my Apple Mini Display Port Display.  It's a completely HD compliant stream yet because their Mac Support is non existence it tells me I don't have an HDCP system (which i do).  Meanwhile I can watch BluRays and download HD movies from the iTunes store, and watch in HD from Amazon.  Just not UltraViolet.  

    Getting back to the AppleTV, all these other things are good but what it needs no body's really saying.  It needs and Amazon Video Channel.  

    I'd say that's intentional on UV's part. They don't want you to make 1080p screen copies and dispense them all over the bittorrents. But I know nothing about the logistics of that so maybe I'm wrong.

    As for Amazon, yes please! That's the one thing that's missing from my current list of subscribed services. Although now that Amazon has their own hockey puck, I doubt we'll see that anytime soon. Unless Apple opens up an App Store and API.
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    Now we need Star Trek style lapel pins to enable the "Hey Siri" functionality wherever we walk around at home. Each will be tagged with it's user info so HomeKit knows who is making the request and can respond accordingly. This could be done by the iPhone/iPad initially, but many people, like myself, don't tend to always carry their iDevice once they're home (goes onto charging station, etc).


    Love the idea.  Only things I'd change: instead of a curvy chevron shape maybe a simple rectangle with rounded corners.  And maybe have it be on my wrist instead of lapel.  :)

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