Samsung Electronics' heir apparent Lee Jae-yong profiled as silver spoon-fed product of corrupt nepo



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    Apple does not hold a patent on rounded rectanglesi

    Yes they hold patents over everything, Didn't you get the memo? Including round UFO's

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    techlover wrote: »
    Yikes. Duly noted. I bet that you are really fun at parties ;)

    I guess I just don't have the energy to hate a corporation that doesn't give a shit about me. If a company makes a useful product at fair price that works for me, then I'll buy it and use it. If not then I don't.

    Then again I'm not religious or political either, which is basically the same thing.

    If the greater part of your personal net worth could be attributed to investing in Apple, you might change your tune. Many here have made a lot of money with AAPL.
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