For Apple's revamped photo experience to work, iCloud changes are needed



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    I would suggest that apple did a fast one on these people by removing the 32 GB option knowing that the price difference would probably "encourage" existing users to continue with16GB versions of the new phone. Its quite obvious, but honestly, rather dirty and unexpected tactics.

    The problem exists, customers are getting tired... so it needs a amenable solution. the obvious one would be increase size of "free" icloud storage...simpleeesss everyone would be smiling and Apple would come out smelling like roses

    PS (Im a sucker so bought the 128GB version im not talking about myself..just for your info)
    Nah, 32GB's a "tweener". You're either happy with your 16GB facebook'n'photos backed up and spilling off to a $1/month storage plan. Or you want to mess with video which requires more app & local data space. Loss of the 32GB prevents a half-arsed user decision failure.
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