Credit unions lead new round of 18 Apple Pay additions



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    A gap in Apple Pay services I'd still like to see Apple fill is person-to-person anonymous transactions, similar to cash. I'd like to be able to go to a garage sale and use Apple Pay to "pay cash" for a painting or lamp (or whatever) the same as if I'd gone to an ATM, withdrew money and handed a few FRNs to the seller.
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    Originally Posted by chasm View Post


    According to JP Morgan Chase, there are a million active users of Apple Pay at present in the US. While it may not sound like much, that's allegedly more than any other mobile payment system. I don't recall the source, but ISTR an article that suggested that those who use it, use it about 6-7 times a week, and go out of their way to patronize businesses that support it.

    Assuming that's true, that's 6-7 million transactions a week. Right now.

    Currently (and this is just my own math here, feel free to denigrate it) I make out that Apple has covered about 80 percent of the card issuers. All the big players are on board, though not every card is supported yet. There's not much more to do before every substantive financial institution in the US supports Apple Pay on some level, and then there's the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and China allegedly next in line, supposedly in April.

    Of course, not every iPhone 6 user is obligated to use Apple Pay, so they'll never get 100 percent, but seems to me they're doing pretty okay so far. As for your sarcasm, those 18 institutions adding the support mean a lot -- if you're a customer of one of those institutions, which certainly makes it newsworthy for them. Try getting out of your little bubble universe there every once in a while, kid.

    Not that many retailers, especially independent retailers, take Apple Pay as yet.   I'm someone who tries to avoid the big chains, so it hasn't proved all that useful to me so far.   Although I was in a Lowe's hardware store the other day and their terminals didn't yet support Apple Pay (at least not the ones at self-checkout).    And while my local regional chain supermarket does accept Apple Pay, they still make you confirm the amount and sign the terminal, so what's the point?   All you get is slightly more security, but in the end it's just about the same effort to take my wallet out of my pocket, remove the debit/credit card and swipe as it does to take my iPhone out of my pocket, place it near the terminal and press the button, then have to approve and sign.


    I've also discovered via my own accounts and those of friends who use Apple Pay that Chase and Citibank personal cards were able to be linked, an AMEX business card was able to be linked, but a Citibank business card got the message "not supported as yet".  


    One thing I do like about Apple Pay is that I have one credit card that I never carry with me so that if I lose my wallet, I still have a card where I can charge and/or get cash.   But Apple Pay makes the charging part somewhat moot.   So now I can still leave that card at home, but use Apple Pay if I want to charge to it.


    What I'd really like to see are cash machines that support Apple Pay.   Once we have that, I could probably just carry one card for emergencies (places that don't take Apple Pay, like most restaurants and movie theatres where the ticket seller is behind glass) and leave all the other cards at home.   And wouldn't it be great if parking meters accepted Apple Pay?

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    Used ?Pay at Spouts  grocery store last month. They even have an Apple  logo on the card reader.

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    Originally Posted by daveinpublic View Post

    I'm actually paying at McDonald's right now… This has been a lifesaver several times, once when I was at Reasor's, once when I was at Home Depot

    It WOULD HAVE been a life-saver for me once at a Best Buy when I accidentally left my wallet at home, but...

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