Apple pledges $50M to increase the presence of women, minorities & veterans in tech jobs



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    qvak wrote: »
    This is what the feminists say out of one side of their mouth while demanding special privileges and protections out of the other.

    If you believe that professionals are professionals regardless of gender or race, then there is no such thing as a woman's perspective.

    However if you are inclined to believe that there are differences and that they are significant, you better be ready to accept some uncomfortable truths and heartbreaking facts. Are you?

    I already know the truths, and facts. Do you think one gender's perspective is better than the other?
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    Tallest Skill, I see you are still being paid to spread your propaganda. We'll be keeping a close eye out on your rabid mouth.

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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post


    Incidentally, some notes from Phillip Elmer DeWitt's attendance at the Apple shareholder meeting, which was today:



    • 16. Tim Cook introduces Jesse Jackson who makes a joke about biscuits and thanks Cook for what he’s done for diversity


    • 17. Jackson asks Apple to put an African American on the board and to bring back offshore trillions (sic) to invest in his community


    • 18. Jackson is reading from a multi page printout


    • 19. Apple shareholders starting to squirm as Jackson drones on

    • ...




    The takeaway? Jackson had no business being there, other than to pressure Apple for more handouts. Completely sickening. Screw him.

    Sounds about right to me. This is why I advocate for developing people. 

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    Originally Posted by qvak View Post



    Yes. "Manager positions," like "managing" some "SEO & online marketing" activities. Basically consists of surfing the web and posting to twitter while guzzling starbucks lattes. This is the glamorous job they all dream about/


    Kidding aside, if a woman in tech works on the legal, finance or even management side, what does it matter what industry she's in? The software/hardware is just another product. Those people also tend to have very little interaction with the actual design engineers and programmers anyway so they may as well be working at KFC corporate or the Acme Widget Co.


    No the implications of this "get women in tech" propaganda is intended to get women involved in the technical aspects of technology design and manufacturing. And as has been established, most of them don't know or care about this type of work hence the dwindling numbers despite wall to wall shilling.

    That is what I would consider to be the problem. You actually have to court women to get them to work on technology with you and as far as minorities go companies just need to hire the ones already in the field. That will do more to spur diversity efforts than anything. 

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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    Yes, and toward which jobs do women in technology typically gravitate? If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say manager positions, not programming. I've known very few female programmers. Math and engineering nerds tend to be mostly male.

    You have a narrow view of "tech" as only coding. There are lots of women physicians, medical researchers, chemists, pharmacists and I know of at least two BMW engineers who are women who work with acoustics. I work in the medical industry and there are lots of women in the field. Many are technical writers, customer service and translators. Most educated women have much better language and people skills than your typical code monkey. Tech companies need a wide variety of talents.


    I'm working with a surgeon who happens to be female and a professor at a prestigious university. Right now I'm coding all the interactive elements for her continuing education seminar in medical lasers. As you mentioned coding can be mundane. There are lots more interesting tech jobs out there.


    You have all this pride about being programmers but with artificial intelligence you will be the first to be replaced, like ditch diggers when the backhoe was invented.

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