JP Morgan predicts Apple will stick with LCD, not OLED, for 'iPhone 7'



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    Every technology has inherent strengthen and weaknesses. Only rarely does a technology come along that has zero downsides compared to the technology it's supplanting. ?Watch needs to have OLED because it's the best overall choice 1) deeper blacks which will help with a more jewelry-like appearance agains the black border, and 2) being able to use high levels black against classy svelte lines for a good part of the UI to help reduce power usage on the display (which will likely spend most of its time off but in view), but there is no evidence that Apple is using some magical new OLED that doesn't have the same technology limitations as other OLED display.

    This is why I predicted OLED for any wrist-worn device long before there was any ?Watch announcement, just as I also recommended NFC as the best solution for mobile payments. Now, you can you use your limited capabilities to claim that no one here ever mentioned OELD or NFC in a positive way before Apple started using it, but you'd, of course, be wrong.

    My current prediction is Apple may go to OLED on their larger displays, but will only do so when they are ready for a radical change to the UI, which in this case means trading an abundant use of white for black, for reasons previously stated. Since iPhones, iPads and Mac display are likely to be engaged for much longer periods of time on a given day, and because documents and webpages are still mostly white (either because it naturally works better or because of cultural norms) I think it's unlikely that Apple will go OLED anytime soon, but I'd first expect to see some major advancements in the half-life of OLED sub pixels.

    I sure hope Apple changes towards a darker scheme. I turned dark theme on Yosemite the day it was released and haven't looked back.

    It was a generalization when I said this forum would wholly adopt AMOLED not towards anyone specific. In fact as you say smart watches work best with other-than-LCD and that is true. More android watches use AMOLED than not and let us not even mention pebble which uses neither.
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    More android watches use AMOLED than not and let us not even mention pebble which uses neither.

    Pebble is a great example of pros and cons of a display technology. Their use of E-Paper allows for simple animations and basic color while at the same time allowing for excellent battery life not possible with standard LCD or OLED. Personally, that's not something I'd want when I am always so close to a power source, but I can see the appeal. The same goes with the Kindle and eInk, although my lack of interest there is that I still prefer printed books over digital books.
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    This is a non-issue.


    Bright colors &OR White still dominates the background in nearly all use cases.


    Even the best and brightest AMOLEDs have burn in:

    (android users are expected to essentially 'degauss' their device to make it pretty again. Why do they put up with this?!).


    AMOLED's advantage used to be thinness, but LCD has upped the game and now that advantage is gone. AMOLED's advantage used to be color accuracy, but now even Samsung is admitting that quantum dot displays are better (They compared their QD LCD to their 'bad' OLED TVs).



    AMOLED's last advantage is black levels which is only moderately true. It's not 100% perfect to due internal reflection on the display gate.


    On the iPad Air 2 I am constantly surprised when I notice the screen go from on to off (holding down power) when shutting down. With the fused display and smart usage of their backlighting, LCD can now reach levels of darkness approaching AMOLED (which isn't true black unless the AMOLED has nothing above it, which is never the case since the organic molecules are water/oxygen sensitive.)



    AMOLED has the potential to be totally replaced the quantum dot LCD displays and be relegated to the dust bin of history, esp. since QD displays can be massively more power efficient. 



    (Also, ignore that the yield for AMOLED is really bad too please to improve your argument).

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