How to add Apple's logo to your Apple Watch clock face

in Apple Watch edited May 2015
With Apple Watch, users can select from a wide array of clock face color, style and complication customizations, but there's one option not available out of the box: Apple's own logo.

Unlike traditional watch brands, which use space on the watch face to prominently feature their logo, Apple declined to make its branding available to users. That Apple doesn't offer up its logo is no surprise, as the company hardly ever puts the iconic emblem in the face of a device owner, opting instead to emblazon the mark on the back of products in plain view of passersby.

The MacBook's "upside down" logo placement is a good example of Apple's strategy. If the mark is installed to show right side up when the laptop is closed and facing a user, as was the wont of other computer makers just years ago, it would be upside down when open.

As noted by AppleInsider reader Leo, adding Apple's logo to Apple Watch is hardly an arduous process, but it does require a few steps and a paired iPhone.

On your iPhone, visit this tweet and highlight and copy the Apple glyph.

Next, open the Apple Watch iPhone app and scroll down to Clock settings. Tapping on Monogram will bring up a text input window. Erase the preset monogram, or your personal initials if previously modified, tap the now empty text box and select Paste from the contextual pop up menu.

Once the Apple logo is correctly keyed in under the Monogram setting on iPhone, it should quickly sync to your Apple Watch.

Now on Apple Watch, enter the clock face selection and modification menu by performing a Force Touch operation in the clock app. Swipe left or right to select the Color face, then tap Customize. Alternatively, if you erased Color from your watch face presets, swipe right in the selector menu and tap the "+" plus icon to add it to the list.

In the Color face customization interface, swipe right to the complications selection tool and tap the center box. Rotate the Digital Crown to select Monogram, which should now bear a tiny Apple logo. Finally, Force Touch to set the clock face.


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