Software problems force Apple to delay HomeKit launch - report

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Apple is reportedly facing technological issues with HomeKit, the company's forthcoming smart home platform designed to act a central hub for iOS-connected products like light bulbs and door locks, that have forced a re-evaluation of the platform's launch timeline.

The new boss: same as the old boss?

Problems have surfaced in the portion of the system that allows consumers to easily find and configure their smart devices, according to Fortune. The software responsible for that process apparently "blew up" due to memory constraints.

What was expected to be a late spring or early summer launch is now said to have been pushed back to late summer.

In January, reports indicated that Apple only began to establish its HomeKit certification program in November of last year, months after HomeKit's announcement. The delay forced integration partners like Broadcom to push back the launch of HomeKit-compatible communications chips, which many device makers build upon.

Broadcom finally announced that it received Apple's blessing for the new Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices platform earlier this month.

When HomeKit does launch, it is expected to lean on the Apple TV as a central communications hub. HomeKit support was quietly added to the streamer last fall, and more details about both HomeKit and refreshed Apple TV hardware are expected during next month's Worldwide Developers Conference.


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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,897member
    That doesn't sound good.
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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member

    Not surprised. We have heard almost nothing for nearly a year since the framework was first released. And no word on whether there will be a HomeKit app or if the manufacturers have to write their own. I'm not a member of MFi so I don't have any inside info but my first thought when HomeKit was announced was that it would be a nightmare to get all the manufacturers on the same page. Plus, the Siri integration is probably not exactly a piece of cake either. Best not to rush it out. Something like this should work 99% before releasing it.

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    rob bonnerrob bonner Posts: 237member
    Surprised it was announced so early, was in the room last year and then nothing, not a peep.
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    ringing the dinner bell for the usual suspects...
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,351member
    I figured HomeKit was going to be an iOS 9 thing.
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    [quote name="hmurchison" url="/t/186265/software-problems-force-apple-to-delay-homekit-launch-report#post_2723469"]I figured HomeKit was going to be an iOS 9 thing.[/quote
    We'll know in about a month... I'm assuming they'll talk about iOS 9 at WWDC.
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    You have to just love an exclusive that includes...


    To be clear, Apple has never announced a launch date for HomeKit, but partners had said during this year’s CES, the annual consumer electronics trade show, to expect something in spring. One partner had told Re/code to expect products in time for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.


    And the story goes viral more as fact than fiction.

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    Well, wwdc is getting closer, so hopefully we'll hear something then.
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    macinthe408macinthe408 Posts: 1,050member

    Wish Apple did the same thing for Yosemite.


    Where's Snow Leopard? 


    (Gotta go, Finder crashed again...) 

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    stargazerctstargazerct Posts: 227member
    And the link to the Apple press release is where?
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    afrodriafrodri Posts: 190member

    Strange article. "Software without a firm release date is 'delayed' due to technical problems."


    Pretty much every software project ends up taking longer than initial estimates. Particularly software which has to interact with dozens of often poorly defined protocols, random devices, and different partners.

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    jackansijackansi Posts: 116member

    So... why do we have a HomeKit entry under the Privacy settings again? 

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    blazarblazar Posts: 270member
    Hire more talent!
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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member

    Originally Posted by JackANSI View Post


    So... why do we have a HomeKit entry under the Privacy settings again? 

    Good question. Maybe because HomeKit actually works, they just haven't approved any products or apps yet. Developers are working with the HomeKit framework though. As the article says it was also added to ?TV.

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    nolamacguynolamacguy Posts: 4,758member
    cornchip wrote: »
    That doesn't sound good.

    why's that? Apple quality is slipping? you are concerned? etc etc....
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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,897member

    Originally Posted by NolaMacGuy View Post

    why's that? Apple quality is slipping? you are concerned? etc etc....



    No, you're right dumb post. I ought to know better. :embarrass

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    stargazerctstargazerct Posts: 227member
    You guys really don't do fact checking, do you? Just run with a rumor as if it's true. HomeKit will be out in June....per Apple.

    Should I send you a frying pan to cook up that egg? The "software blew up"'re sources are a bunch of real bafoons!
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