Study: Device users more responsive to Android app notifications than iOS



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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,088member
    pmz wrote: »
    Just to clarify based on real data...

    60% of 2 push notifications is not the same as 60% of 2000 push notifications.

    If you're going to compare Android and iOS in any way, you can't ignore real usage data. iOS is being used by real people every day. Android devices sit on shelves and in drawers.
    Well they can't always be sitting in drawers. Google Play gets more use than the App Store. :D

    ....and yeah I get the point you're trying to make and it's a valid one.
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    hezetationhezetation Posts: 674member
    This means nothing except that Android is more successful at annoying people with ads. 82% of Black Friday online sales were iOS, and that's the only kind of stat that any business with a lick of sense gives a crap about. Clicking ads doesn't amount to anything for a business unless it actually generates more revenue. Time & again all the polling that's been done indicates that Android users just don't buy stuff. They click on a million ads for a game or what not but if it isn't free they move on. The way this site has tried to sku these stats is shameless.
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