Inside iOS 9: Apple's iPad-only 'Picture in Picture' mode lets you keep watching video with any task



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    Originally Posted by BestKeptSecret View Post



    The one thing I would have liked on the iPhone 6+ is that the top icons coming halfway down on the 2-tap should remain like that till another 2-tap is done. As of now, the screen goes back to the original after a single click, which makes it slightly cumbersome. Of course, it may be a technical limitation, given that we open different apps.


    I kinda like it the way it is. Most of the time I used one-hand mode just to click the button at the top. One click operation. If I have to double-tap it again to close it will be way annoying.

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    thebumthebum Posts: 58member
    Is this actually suppported on the first-generation iPad mini? Neither of the other two multi-app modes is.
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    This feature should be on the iPhone Plus models too!!!  Also this should work for FaceTime too -- does it?  

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    Originally Posted by tjskywasher View Post


    Not something I'll ever use, looks odd, very un-iOS.



    This PiP is a feature Mac OS 7.x used to have with the old 7100 AV and other AV Macs of the like for video...  

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    I have been using this function on iPad Air2 with FaceTime and it is just natural.  A job well done by Apple.

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    Is this ipad air 2 only? Will this work in ipad air 1?
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    Originally Posted by Smiles77 View Post



    I too have an iPad Air and haven't really seen the need to upgrade in the near future, but the fact that multi-app multitasking will only support Air 2 and up has led me to reconsider that stance. I may end up getting an Air 3 after all.


    Now you see Apple's carrot and stick to get you to spend more $!  :/

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    Originally Posted by tjskywasher View Post


    Not something I'll ever use, looks odd, very un-iOS.


    Agree. I have never liked PIP for anything. I'm pretty surprised they added this feature. Split-screen I get, but this? Very strange imo. 

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    I wish the iPad would go for the MS DOS look. Stupid PIP.
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    smart to create some soft pressure on others to use their video player...and great use case.
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    Does this work with FaceTime or Skype? If not, what a huge missed opportunity.

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    Not something I'll ever use, looks odd, very un-iOS.

    Take a look at the video of Apples Knowledge Navigator concept from the 1980's. IPad is the realization of that concept to the degree possible with current technology. This video viewing feature is lifted directly from that concept video, it is pretty obvious that iPad is Apples attempt to implement that concept. Also realize that iPad was being developed before iPhone, it was only Steves realization that they had almost the perfect solution for smart phones and thus vectoring off development that resulted in iPad staying so long in development. The nice thing here is that the long development process allowed rechnology to catch up a bit.

    What is obvious is that technology still has a ways to go to fully realize this Knowledge Navigator concept. Given that I'd expect to see Apple focusing on the hardware and software technologies to deliver more Knowledge Navigator type features in future iOS releases and hardware releases. It took more than two decades for the first hardware to come together to deliver the first iPads and even those iPads left a lot to be desired.

    iPad Pro is apparently on 14 nm process nodes now and has delivered impressive performance gains while lowering power. This is actually pretty incredible but current reports are that the next process node will be available in 2016 which could mean the next A series processor will be running on a 10 nm process. What this means to users is even more hardware to realize all the capabilities of the Knowledge Navigator concept. Good stuff really.

    In any event if you get bogged down in what iOS is today you might see this feature a un-iOS like. However if you look back towards the end of the last century and realize what Apple is trying to realize you will discover that iOS is barely there.
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 13,377member
    [Quote] Edit: Shoot, the iPad's software keyboard practically has a mousepad with cursor now. It really is crazy where this is all going. [/Quote]

    It really isn't a mystery. Look at the knowledge Navigator Video, it is very suggestive of where things where going even before Apple had operating systems to support the features. It has just take a very very long time for hardware and software to catch up.
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    ryke wrote: »
    What the PIP really needs to support is facetime.

    Countless times I have been wanting to continue to browse the web and speak to my friends and loved-ones without pausing them.

    PIP works in facetime ...
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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,051member
    I wish it supports conference FaceTime too so I can say fucking goodbye to Skype.
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    This PIP is getting in the way of stuff! Why can't I have my iPad in portrait with the video locked in at the top and then safari/messages/twitter/whatever down the bottom? I'm only asking for a slight variation on Split View where instead of dividing the screen with a vertical line, I be able to divide the screen with a horizontal line.

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    apple ][apple ][ Posts: 9,233member

    I read that this works with the Hulu app already. That's great and everything, but I don't use Hulu.


    Yo Netflix! Pick up the pace! You need to implement this as soon as possible, like yesterday! Get a move on! I expect to see an update within the next few days. :smokey: 

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    Originally Posted by dklebedev View Post

    All of this multitasking stuff is a load of crap. Multitouch text selection? Custom keyboards? Now they need to add themes and MS-style illogical gestures. Bloated mess in 3 years.

    Only three years? You buying yourself time or you just don't really believe what you're foot-stamping about?

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    Originally Posted by ryke View Post

    Countless times I have been wanting to continue to browse the web and speak to my friends and loved-ones without pausing them.

    Well now they'll *definitely* know you're not paying attention to them.

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    asciiascii Posts: 5,936member

    With this feature the iPad gets it's first window, and with iCloud Drive it gets a user visible filesystem (albeit a remote one). It's becoming a fully fledged computer.


    Though, like DED has said in some of the AI podcasts, when I am using my Mac I usually have a lot of things open and going on at once (at the moment 6 programs all open and visible at once), more than just the 2 + a video supported by the iPad. So I would feel a bit cramped on an iPad still.

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