New iPod touch vs. iPhone 5s: Apple's latest iPod packs surprising power



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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post



    That isn't an equivalent to an iPhone, in any way, shape, or form. Sounds like a massive hassle. 

    Carrying a flip phone and an iPod touch are also far less expensive than an iPhone + plan. My wife does exactly that (and so did I until I bought a 5s on release date). And it's not a hassle at all, since she doesn't care much for the iPhone's extra utility and throws everything into a bottomless purse anyway.

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    crowley wrote: »

    I'd love to do that, if anyone made a flip phone that was worth buying.  For a while in 2007/8 I was hoping that Apple would make an iPhone Jr, without third party apps, and restricted to feature phone basic, but with data tethering, with an iPod Touch for the heavier stuff.  Still kinda want that, since no other manufacturer seems capable of making a feature phone I have any interest in buying.

    Start a Kickstarter.
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    Yes and no. This article did give me a good idea of how the Touch specs compared to known existing iPhone specs. While the masses may have uses for the Touch different from a phone, this article defined the Touch around specs I could understand.

    The problem is he article is bogus and filled with inaccuracies and probable misunderstandings. For example saying that an F stop of 2.4 is larger that one of 2.2 demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of photography, optics and the terms used there.

    I actually stopped reading at that point, skimmed forward a bit and then gave up as the article is garbage if you take anything literally.
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    Originally Posted by libertyforall View Post

    Apple needs to offer that awesome dark blue color on the iPhone 6S!!!

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    That could be a hint, but blue was not mentioned, and it might have been about the iPod Touch, not iPhone -- time will tell!  ;)


    In the meantime, where is Bluetooth 4.1 which is supposed to be a mere software update to existing Bluetooth 4.0 devices, Apple?!

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    May be this new ipod touch will become base for iphone 6C or whatever you want to call. Just take this ipod touch internals, casing and add missing cellular/LTE,NFC and touch id(applePay) and you got new iphone that replaces iphone 5S.

    Does anyone see that coming in future ?

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    Originally Posted by Multimedia View Post

    YET. I believe watchOS 2 ?WATCHes will be allowed to pair with any iOS 9 device in October. I have no basis to believe this other than how such capability will radically expand the market for ?WATCHes. So it seems like an engineering/marketing no brainer to me. Look for the ?WATCH app to be included in all iOS 9 installations across all iOS 9 qualified devices.


    It also needs blue tooth LE, which excludes any device without it, like I think the 4S. But, I never understood why you couldn't pair the watch with a Cellular Ipad. Pairing with a Wifi device is pointless for communication (since the watch can already connect directly to WIFI), though it helps in setting up the watch services and apps (so, not completely useless :-) (oh, and I forgot running remote apps... But these things are on the way out I think except maybe for rarely used apps. Native apps will be so much more snappier.

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    Originally Posted by wood1208 View Post


    May be this new ipod touch will become base for iphone 6C or whatever you want to call. Just take this ipod touch internals, casing and add missing cellular/LTE,NFC and touch id(applePay) and you got new iphone that replaces iphone 5S.

    Does anyone see that coming in future ?


    Its almost assured that a 6c does exist and its a 6 that looks like the 5c. That's probably the reason this touch even exists! I wouldn't be surprised if the touch had most of the 6C's internals minus a chip or two (same board) and a few firmware tweeks. The 6C though would be running at a slightly higher clock speed though than the touch.

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    Originally Posted by Carthusia View Post

    This has me wondering if Apple will say bye bye to the C series iPhone. One less set of SKUs and they'll likely reel in the Tweens. 6S/6S+/iPod Touch. There's always a question of where the old components go-they go to the Touch, not the C. In a few months, with the likely debut of the A9, the iPod Touches will all begin to inherit the year-ago application processors camera modules, etc. This keeps the iPod alive (also driving app installs and media purchases) while driving iPhone buys to the latest and greatest. I'd bet the C series was more of a headache than anything.

    No, in fact the touch updates point to the 6C being a near certainty. They can share most of their innards except the 6C would have a few chips more, antennas, a different camera and a few firmware tweeks. If you look at it this way, the touch's update makes a lot more sense. In fact I wouln't be surprised if from now on, the touch is updated every two years at the same time as C class devices.

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    It's a pity no GPS included. I would've liked it for tracking steps/runs; geo-tagging photos; offline maps; and star gazing apps.


    With the A8 and a 4" screen, I'm almost certain some game developers would be tearing their hair out to consider supporting three iPhone/iPod + maybe two iPad (Air/Pro) resolutions running Metal!


    But mostly, I'm hopeful a new 4" iPhone will have most of these features to replace my 5s. I gave my iPhone 6 to the wife after six months and although I miss the larger screen at times, I really like the 5s's size. A 6-class A8 or the newer A9 in a 4" iPhone with all the latest bells and whistles would be awesome. Oh, 128GB would also be fantastic! I can't live with just 32GB and will need at least 64GB.

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    Originally Posted by TheWhiteFalcon View Post

    1.3GHz in the 5S

    And apparently 1.1GHz in the Touch.


    Yeah, which makes the article incorrect when it mentions the "slower A7" in the 5S. The lower clocked A8 in the iPod Touch ends up being pretty much the same performance as the A7 in the iPhone 5S.

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    With colors and performance,

    Will we not see a 6c next gen? :(
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    snad wrote: »
    The author does not understand f-stop.  f/2.4 aperture is smaller than f/2.2, not larger. 

    If you read some other blogs from this author you will understand. :)
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    Originally Posted by dreyfus2 View Post

    It is, IMHO, not just about a decision between an iPod Touch and an iPhone. I definitely consider one as a second device. A music player I can leave in the car, a device I can take to the beach, a device I can use on e.g. trips to countries where I can't get a usable SIM-card as a tourist or business visitor anyhow (like the US),

    How can't you get a SIM in the US? Last time I was there we had at least two (AT&T, T-Mobile). T-Mobile was good on price-performance, only the european iPhone 4 wasn't able to get any 3G service by then. But nowadays that shouldn't be an issue anymore. We then settled for a verizon mobile access point for data and t-mobile for voice.

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    Would be good to include GPS chip in this new ipod touch to work with motion processor to track for all health related activities that Apps use to provide workout data. Can also use for Map functionality so you don't need your GPS device.

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    Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post


    Free WIFI is springing up everywhere now in many cities. 


    Free WiFi is for patrons of an establishment. You have to ask for the password. We need a protocol where the connections are encrypted but you don't need a password. Secure citywide public WiFi is what I'm hoping for.

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    Originally Posted by Boltsfan17 View Post


    It's not you. I don't see the point in trying to compare a phone to an mp3 player. 

    You really think an iPod touch is an mp3 player? (Or for that matter that an iPhone is primarily a phone?) For your edification, if you weren't simply trolling, both are primarily computers tailored to run the vast quantity of iOS apps. The iPhone is further designed to work with cellular providers like Verizon for a monthly subscription fee. The iPod touch only connects to the internet via wifi.


    If you are wedded to your cell phone service then that slight difference means everything. But most use their personal device for other functions about 90% of the time. Cellular telephony was an important transitional technology similar to how fax modems were important during the early growth of the internet.

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    There's some good performance testing of the new iPod over at Ars. It does indeed get higher frames-per-second than the iPhone 6 and 6+ due to having the same GPU but a smaller screen.

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    wood1208 wrote: »
    May be this new ipod touch will become base for iphone 6C or whatever you want to call. Just take this ipod touch internals, casing and add missing cellular/LTE,NFC and touch id(applePay) and you got new iphone that replaces iphone 5S.
    Does anyone see that coming in future ?

    It's quite clear...

    The new A8-powered 4" iPod, more powerful than the iPhone 5s and requiring apps to continue support for 4" displays suggests a new A8-powered 4" iPhone Mini to replace the 5s as the discounted model this year. 6S/6S+ become the only large screen offerings, and the new iPhone Mini comes in 16/64GB storage levels, preserving overall iPhone ASPs. And it placates the crowd who lament the lack of a post-5s 4" form factor.
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