Rumor: With launch looming, 'iPhone 6s' production delayed by 1-2 weeks



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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,924member
    Any analyst that says production is delayed should be fired. Delayed according to whose schedule?
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    palominepalomine Posts: 362member
    Maybe the Street will take Kuo down, like what happened to Andy Zaky. remember him?
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    It's all just a little bit of history repeating; 2014, 2013, ... :rolleyes:
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    quinneyquinney Posts: 2,528member
    taosbob wrote: »
    Anything Ming-Chi Kuo claims should be looked at with complete skepticism. Especially his predictions of 54 million iPhones sold last quarter on the eve of the earnings report likely played a major role in Wall Street's ability to portray the quarter as a "disappointment". It's hard to believe a real insider, such as Kuo portrays himself to be, could be so badly in error. More likely a disingenuous prediction for the usual nefarious purposes?

    54 million was a well-connected estimate.

    That's what got him disconnected.
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    mechanicmechanic Posts: 805member
    Originally Posted by thompr View Post

    Great. Wait until Wall Street runs with this negative rumor and predicts a drastic shortfall of sales in this quarter.


    Wall street doesn't need rumors they make up there own, Somebody at Apple sneezed last week time for a $10.00 stock price drop in a day!

    AAPL and Apple have really nothing in common.  One is Manipulated  by criminals at wall street and the other is not.

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