New video shows alleged 'iPhone 6s' shell with reinforced sides, lighter weight



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    $55K for a domain on eBay.... this 6s better happen for these guys!!! -
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    Originally Posted by NolaMacGuy View Post

    I'm sure most of you know I'm an apple defender here, but that nonwithstanding, my iPhone 6, kept only in my front pocket in a case, is bent. bent, and how permanently?

    When I first got my '6', on the second or third day I noticed that, on a flat surface,

    it "rocked" just a tiny bit (yes, it rocked in other ways, too).

    Anyway, the next morning it was back to flat, and I've noticed no curving since.

    So, while there is obviously "elasticity" in any such object,

    at least with mine, there was also a certain "memory".  

    But perhaps yours went beyond some critical point.

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    Manufacturers should always improve their products. If bending is even a small issue, and it can be solved for reasonable cost, then they should do it. While series 7000 aluminum is much more expensive than the series 6000 they're using now, the amount in each phone is very small. As they also use other metals to strengthen the cases, this shouldn't add much to the cost.

    If it can raise the pressure needed to bend the case by 25%, that would be enough. The company that did the measured testing found that the case bent at 120 pounds pressure. To me, that seems like a lot for a phone, and is the same as the Samsung 6, whose glass cracked at that pressure.

    But others bent at 160 pounds, which shows that it's not unreasonable to expect that.
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