HTC, Lenovo announce job cuts as losses mount in smartphone market battle



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    cali wrote: »
    cultofknockoff, knockoffrumors and 9to5knockoff to name a few.

    what are you trying to say? Mac = knockoff? how so?

    or are you just another new troll? be specific.
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    As a product designer I would consider those let go the lucky ones. I can only imagine the product meetings for the designers & engineers left. The arguing, the shaking of heads, knowing they're on a doomed mission. Knowing they don't have a decades-in-the-making comprehensive ecosystem built out to compete with. Talk about demoralizing. 

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    Originally Posted by dasanman69 View Post

    What would be the benefit of switching to Tizen? Controlling the OS? Do you really think that will matter, or make a difference?


    I'm not advocating a switch to Tizen -- just mentioning what Samsung claims is their direction.


    Purely speculating, I think their rationale is the same as Apple's with iOS: control the full solution-stack (hardware + software) and ecosystem.  But do I think that will be successful?  No.

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    Originally Posted by tmay View Post


    How wonderful.


    Yes, Gator has left is his usual realm of bending various sources to tell his tale, to actually fantasy land and wish fulfillment.


    By the time Google gets there and has a big enough presence, they'll be going up against the wall of established apps and services. Why on earth would chinese makers even want to touch Google's crap with a 10 foot pole when they came make all the money by controlling the ecosystem themselves... They know what happened to others that sucked that tit; they're all nearly dead.

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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    LOL very dramatic. Have you ever thought of writing episodes of Game of Thrones?


    Red ink spatters the land as they battle the son of Ple (ApPle) ;-)

    The once bitten beast of war is a thing of fury!

    Deaths from cuts and slashes is fated.

    So, they purge themselves from Andro's ID...  (sic)

    His spirit had failed them for the last time.

    They shed the uglyness that ruled their inner world.

    They were men of worth again, they were free!


    It is only slightly tongue and cheek ;-).

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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post



    but do we really care about total population?


    I only care about population that can afford iPhones.  That number is exploding in China and India.


    read this:


    "Considering both income growth and urbanisation, 326m new middle class will emerge in China’s urban areas from 2014 to 2030. The total middle class population will reach 854m in China’s urban areas."


    They also forecast that by 2030 per capita disposable income in urban areas will be in excess of $US30,000 in purchasing power parity terms, up from less than $US10,000 at present."


    Amazing numbers.


    With just China alone Apple could DOUBLE their iPhone sales



    Are these figures still correct, taking the current turmoil in the Chinese stock market into account?  These outlooks tend to turn with the wind.

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