New Apple TV uses USB-C for service, ditches optical audio out port



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    Originally Posted by PeterAlt View Post

    The optical port is an obsolete standard that should have been killed a long time ago. The best possible sound it can deliver is COMPRESSED 5.1 sourrond or UNCOMPRESSED 2.0 stereo sound.

    Those arguing for the retention of the capability are mostly doing so in the context of playing music, for which uncompressed stereo is all that is needed.

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    2-3 years later, Apple lunch new AppleTV with HDMI 2.0 or better for Yes! 4K is here...And one more thing.. 1Gbit Ethernet port too!

    Price $199. Innovation is easy this days.


    Maybe thanks to Apple this time for not just have single USB-3.1 type-c port and sell adapter for $69.(HDMI 1.4, Optical port)

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    I don't understand how anyone can defend Apple not including a digital audio-out port on a $150 to $200 device. It's not "progress" if there's still at ton of devices currently being used and sold that reply on optical digital audio. It's a cheap, small, single port on a device that INCREASED in size. We're not being analog curmudgeons here.


    As obsolete as it might be to some of you (who we're to believe only listen to 7.1+ TrueHD/DTS-MA files?), there's a great number of people who still stream stereo audio files and 5.1, and who should expect to be able to have the same functionality on the new unit.


    But I guess this is Apple's idea of the future, if the new Apple TV and MacBooks are any indication: one port and a dongle for everything else. Why? Because screw you, that's why.

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    The AE has tons of jitter. Doesn't sound nearly as good as ATV.
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    The TV doesn't have to be on. You could see everything via the free remote program.
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    Originally Posted by joelsalt View Post


    My home theatre system doesn't have HDMI in on the receiver, so that's a bummer, since I'd rather not also buy a new (and better) receiver to upgrade.


    But will wireless headphones not work with the new AppleTV via Bluetooth?  


    It's not the end of the world. You can still use it.  it'll just cost you a little more money  to do so!  You need a HDMI Auto Converter.  You can get one at Monoprice for just under $50. 



    Now you plug the HDMI cable into this Box, and then HDMI to your HDTV or whatever and run the Audio to your Receiver.   Even if you have a Optical port on your HDTV like I have, that port is mainly used for the built in HD TV tuner in the TV to run to your surround sound receiver for 5.1 Surround sound.  If you try using it for other devices plug into your tv's HDMI ports, you'll get fake surround sound.  A number of years ago I tried doing this also.  It's part of the copy protection of HDMI.  I notices from my DVD player my receiver only showing Dolby Pro Logic II, instead of Dolby Digital, which plugging the optical cable directly did.  You do get Dolby Digital form the TV's tuner though!!!  Using a Box like this, you'd get the correct Digital output.


    I have to say though, a nice new Receiver with like 5 HDMI out ports on the back is nice!!!  It cuts down on a number of cables.  I have so many devices in my Family room, I had to get another HDMI switch to add to my Receiver for more HDMI ports.  Since I use a Harmony 900 remote, it's still simple to use my setup.  I have just the 1 HDMI cable to my HDTV.  It does cut down on the number of wires, though I still have wires all over. Hidden out of site, but it's still pretty crazy.

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    Originally Posted by JamesJpn View Post


    Whaaaat!?!  This blows, I have an optical cable from my Apple TV to my stereo and am constantly streaming music to it through iTunes.  I also listen to movies through my stereo.....  I don't get it.


    It's not the end of the world. You can still use it.  it'll just cost you a little more money  to do so!  You need a HDMI Auto Converter.  You can get one at Monoprice for just under $50.   Sucks that you have to spend a little more money to do the same you were already doing.


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    Originally Posted by AlmondRoca View Post

    Heard the remote would recharge via a built-in Lightning cable. For some reason I thought Apple would provide an adapter to the USB-C port for charging.


    Makes no sense.  The USB-C port is in the back making it kind of not practical, and many have their AppleTV's hidden.  Maybe like me Velcro to the back of the HDTV or something. Out of site!!!

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    bitmod wrote: »
    WOW!!!  - they made it worse, way worse. Useless in fact.
    The optical out was the MOST used feature on the ATV. Everyone I know who has one uses it.

    Competitors are laughing their asses off right now, and a few million developers just lost interest.
    Absolutely stupid stupid stupid decision. 

    I can see Tim getting fired over this. It's that stupid.

    Best irrational post of the day.

    WHAT?!?!? No composite video?!? I'm out.
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    I'm in the same boat. My Apple TV uses HDMI to home theater amp and optical to SONOS amps (which power various speakers throughout the house.)


    If SONOS starts supporting Airplay this need might go away. We need to pressure them to do so. If you are a SONOS user go to their user forums and make this request.


    Without that or some other non-messy solution I won't be buying.

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    It never fails on these threads. Someone always has to be the "I don't need it, so why does anyone else?" guy.

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    The same complaints being made about the lack of an optical port were made when the AV industry moved away from HD video over component. Did it suck for people with older equipment? Yes. Did the complaints stop progress? No.

    There is one area this will hurt at, multi zone audio for large distributed home audio systems. However a simple HDMI adapter with audio deembedding will solve the problem.

    I, for one, am stoked about the new platform.
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    You can just use the remote app to send music from the Apple Tv to speakers, without needing a TV/screen/monitor of any sort.

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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    I honestly don't get the need for optical ports from the Apple TV. I only use the optical out from my TV, since the TV has to be on anyways for the AppleTV to work in any meaningful way, no?


    The Optical port built into HDTV's is meant to be used with the HD TV tuner built into the HDTV to output the 5.1 Surround sound you get from TV programs using a Antenna!!!


    Because of Digital Rights Management of HDMI, you won't get the best Audio out of that optical port from devices plugged into your HDTV's port(s).  I know for me, the best I got was Dolby Pro Logic II.  Fake Surround sound, when I should have been getting Dolby Digital!!!  True 5.1 Surround sound.  So I had to redo some things back then with my old receiver.  


    The better option is to either get a Box like this:


    You run the HDMI into this Box and get the Optical out from this Box into your Receiver for the best Audio, and then HDMI out from this to your HDTV for the Video.


    This only takes care of 1 device.  So the other Option is a HDMI Switch with a Optical Out port built into that.  This may be the better option!!!


    Now you plug  up to 4 devices using HDMI into this HDMI switch.  And then a single HDMI cable to your HDTV.  Now you just leave your HDTV on just the one HDMI input.  This switch has a Optical (Toslink) and Coaxial Auto Out ports on it that you would plug one of them into your Surround sound Receiver in port.   This mean all you need is 1 Optical or Coaxial In port n your Receiver for up to 4 devices!!!  best of all this switch has a Remote to control it by.  I have a couple of Monoprice HDMI only switches that have the remote and I use my Harmony Remote to automatically control them.  That really makes them nice.  This would be the better way.   


    Plug your game console, AppleTV, Blu-Ray player, whatever into this Switch instead!!!  Don't use the HDTV and it's optical port unless you only use it for the built in HD TV tuner to get your sound for that, otherwise use this switch.  Like I said, I learned this a number of years ago.  Most people don't realize this.  My Receiver would show what type of Audio it was getting on the display.    

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    Originally Posted by dasanman69 View Post

    $47, and another box.


    That is one option, but it also only does one device!!!  Why not a 4 port HDMI switch with a Optical out on that instead!!!


    Then you can plug up to 4 devices into it using HDMI, and a single HDMI to your HDTV.  Many people don't know this, but because of Digital Rights Management with HDMI, the Optical port built into many HDTV's will downgrade your Audio from anything plugged into the TV's HDMI ports!!!  I remember plugging my Xbox 360 this way a number of years ago and then noticing on my Surround Sound receiver that is was showing Dolby Pro Logic II.  Which is really Fake Surround sound.  When I should have really be getting Dolby Digital if I plugged the 360's optical out directly into the Receiver. 


    That's when I did a little research and found out about the (DRM) issue with HDMI.  That HDTV's optical port is really meant to get 5.1 Surround sound from the HD TV's built in tuner to feed 5.1 to your Surround sound receiver.  While it'll feed audio from other HDMI devices plugged into the HDTV, what it can feed you is limited in audio quality.  


    So if you don't want to buy a nice new Surround sound Receiver with a number of HDMI ports built in, a cheap little black box is the way to go to continue to use what you already have.  In fact will get you better audio if you've been using the TV's Optical port for your devices!!!  For Music It wouldn't have really mattered, but for 5.1 Surround sound, it'll make a difference.  Even if you don't plan to get a new AppleTV and have your devices plugged into your HDTV now and counting on that TV's optical out.    GET THE BOX!!!   

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    Originally Posted by bitmod View Post


    WOW!!!  - they made it worse, way worse. Useless in fact.

    The optical out was the MOST used feature on the ATV. Everyone I know who has one uses it.


    Competitors are laughing their asses off right now, and a few million developers just lost interest.

    Absolutely stupid stupid stupid decision. 


    I can see Tim getting fired over this. It's that stupid.


    Apple has been dropping things before others for years.  This is nothing new.  I dropped Optical years ago!!!  If you need Optical still, there are ways to get it with a Box!!!  Here's a couple options.  I think the HDMI switch is the best option!!!


    Maybe it's finally time to upgrade that old Surround Sound system!!!  Get a new one with a number of HDMI inputs.  Cuts down on cable clutter also.  Also get better Audio if you play any Blu-Ray's because now you can get Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio.   People are more likely laughing at you for being way behind the times.

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    Originally Posted by Elijahg View Post

    And replace my perfectly functioning home theatre audio system with one that's got HDMI in? No thanks. I've never even seen a HDMI-in audio system...


    I don't think you can buy a Surround sound system anymore without a number of HDMI In ports at at least 1 HDMI out port.  Some higher end units have 2 HDMI out ports for maybe a normal HDTV and a Front Projector setup.


    If you're playing Blu-Ray Discs, you;re not getting Dolby True HD or DTS Master Audio with your old receiver!!!  Hey, Stick with the AppleTV you have.  it'll still work.  Or GET A BOX!


    I think the best option is a HDMI switch with a Optical Out port on it.  Something like this!!!!


    Now you can plug your devices into this using HDMI and then run just a single HDMI cable to your HDTV.  Your HDTV just stays on the one HDMI input, You can switch inputs using this switch, even by Remote that's included, and run the Optical out port into a single optical In port on your Receiver!!!  Problem solved.  Not the end of the world.  A Low cost solution.   Then again, you want to stick with your old hardware, why aren't you just sticking with your old AppleTV?  Seems kind of strange.  Perfectly good AppleTV. It's still going to be sold in the store.  It's not going anywhere.  Perfectly good AppleTV just like Perfectly good Audio system.

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    trydtryd Posts: 135member

    So what you are all saying is that I should ditch my $10 000 Conrad-Johnson tube amp combo (that sounds much better than any "modern" receiver) for a "modern" system that sounds worse? Give me a break!

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    Originally Posted by SolipsismY View Post

    So no 4K UHD or GigE, but we get a USB-C port in case it needs to be taken into for service. The former I'm alright with, but not having GigE which means the actual throughput over 802.11ac is faster than 100 BASE-T, although I'll still likely use Ethernet because of the lower chance for interference.


    I get what you're saying.  I wired my house with Cat6 cable for a Wired Gigabit Ethernet network.  The AppleTV is still has more then enough bandwidth to stream content over 100 Base-T.   It can also be faster still then Wifi because Wifi is only full speed when you're right next to your router and starts slowing down, maybe greatly the further away you get.  It's still full speed wired.  As for 4K, You're not streaming 1080P Blu-Ray quality, so you rally think 4K is going to be 4K?  HAHAHA.


    On the other hand, because you can record 4K on the new iPhones, it would have been nice to be able to Airplay 4K to a AppleTV and see 4K on your 4K TV.  For those few with a 4K TV.  ROKU recently updated their hardware.  No 4K!!! There's no 4K Chromecast or 4K Amazon Fire (Stick).   Even if there wasn't going to be 4K movies on itunes any time soon, it would have been a nice touch to AirPlay 4K to a AppleTV and have it 4K to the 4K TV. 

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    Originally Posted by bitmod View Post


    Anyone with an older receiver, 2 channel receiver, older TV's, sound bars and home theater specific audio setups - are SOL.

    That's a lot of SOL. 

    It's not like people are running out and buying new receivers every day to work with a $100 fad gadget.


    Actually that's a $149 or $199 fad gadget!!!  $100 would have been nice.  You have options.   Here's a couple of them.


    All that money you've saved over the years NOT upgrading your hardware.  Well the price to pay is a small black box that costs under $50.  Problem solved.

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