Apple releases iTunes 12.3 with support for iOS 9, designed for OS X El Capitan



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    Originally Posted by lkrupp View Post


    You know you really need to leave the Walled Garden and live life on the outside. This ecosystem is not for you as you have made perfectly clear in all your posts. Why are you still an Apple product user? You don’t belong here anymore. 

    Please keep the argument on topic and tell us why iTunes is 'awesome'.


    There's no need for a personal attack. I encourage you to read the Appleinsider guidelines.

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    Resume playback finally implemented? What I meant is that you are listening a very long playlist of thousands of songs, quit iTunes, reboot the Mac or shut down the Mac. The next time that you open iTunes it starts from song number one again, but you want it to resume from the last song played (say, song number 1456 or whatever). For me that is the most essential feature missing in iTunes, and it was available in SoundJam MP back in 2001, from where iTunes was developed.

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    I have to agree with the iTunes is a big steaming turn crowd. I love all things apple, but oh my god what a turd iTunes is. I simply cannot get playlists into apple music. My playlist are still doubling up or being deleted. I think I will be sticking with Spotify. I spent hours moving my Spotify playlists to Apple music because I really wanted it to work... then zap they are just gone. Half my music says it isn't eligible for playlists which shouldn't be possible because I also paid for iTunes match (not any more). It ought not to be this complicated to make playlists (kind of the point really).
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    Following on Yosemite. There was a lot of talk with 12.2 that it destroyed metadata, especially in large libraries. I stayed at 12.1 because I was not willing to take a chance on ruining a lot of work that I had done with a large library. However, when I updated my iPod (the most expendable of all my devices) to iOS 9, I was told I had to have at least 12.2.2. Has 12.3 corrected that problem?
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    bat cat wrote: »
    I'm starting to think that you are trapped in some kind of temporal anomaly (using my best sci-fi language) enternally doomed to eulogise apple software and tech from circa 2008, never satisfied that anything else can meet those lofty heights of user interface perfection.
    I'm no 12 month updater but I accept that hardware eventually becomes a limitation on progress despite their best efforts (and let's face it keeping the 4s viable for iOS 9 is an amazing engineering achievement from both the hardware and software perspective). I also accept that apple's relentless drive to correct and fix will mean that any short term pain following a major update like apple music will quickly be forgotten. They have to move to stay profitable and relevant in order to permit them to continue doing all the other stuff they do. Is it possible for people to take a long view on this issue??

    Lion was current as of 2012. That's not 2008. It's currently four (soon to be five) versions behind. You know what else is four versions behind? Windows 7. Which gets support until 2020. Even Vista still has another year and a half to go.

    Given the number of Macs that Apple cut off with Lion, it would have been nice to see a little more support than the cutoff last year.
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    Ref White falcon comment on lion: I suppose that's what you get as a function of leveraging so much additional performance through such a close integration of hardware and software. I have an early 2008 MacBook trapped on lion because we purchased just before the chipset upgrade - the absence of security patch support means that we assess it is no longer safely useable connected to the Internet. The only solution to that would be for Apple to publicly warn customers that a significant upgrade is coming and highlight the consequences of making a purchase at that time - in short you may only have 6 years of software growth and hence support. I'm not sure that's practical or commercially realistic and how many PC users even think they will get >5 years out of their hardware? In our early uninformed Mac days we ended up buying at the end of a lifecycle. The average uninformed buyer will self evidently not. I think that's just life and we should celebrate the efforts they do make (I.e. iPhone 4s).
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    Originally Posted by lowededwookie View Post

    Apparently someone doesn't understand sarcasm and thus needs sarcasm quotes.

    But to spell it out your previous reply was worthless so there you go hopefully you're up to speed

    Someone cares too much.


    Get over it.

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    Is this iTunes update supposed to reapply album ratings that were previously removed?

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    Originally Posted by lowededwookie View Post

    iTunes will always seem buggy and slow on Windows because Windows doesn't have the core functionality iOS and OS X have. It can NEVER be as good as the Mac version in the same way Safari sucked on Windows. It's still the best media player on that machine though in my not so humble opinion

    Yet Mac users still complain when companies like Microsoft, Intuit and others don't make the Mac versions of their applications as functional or compatible as their Windows versions.

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    Originally Posted by auxio View Post



    Why does Microsoft Lync for Mac crash incessantly?  Or show scrambled video when doing video conferencing?  Microsoft apps will always be better on Windows and Apple apps will always be better on OS X because that's where their focus is (and where they make the most money).  In an alternate world where companies had infinite resources and didn't have to prioritize development effort based on return on investment, things might be different.  But we don't live in that world.

    But it's so fun to complain about the other side even when your side is guilty of doing the same thing!

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