Second-gen Apple Watch likely to wait until mid- to late 2016 - report



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    I would be surprised if there was a high number of people doing 2-3 hours worth of daily exercise in the one go.  But on a personal basis, I normally put the watch on at 7am in the morning on 100% charge and it's sitting close to 60% come 7pm-8pm at night.  If I have filled my rings and am in the house for the night, then it's off and getting charged.  I have only done a few runs with the watch, for approximately 30 mins and the battery hasn't moved at all.

    I do. 1 hour every other day. 2-4 hours at the weekend. At the moment, serious runners will be using a Garmin/Suunto gps watch, they're not even expensive anymore. I'll be interested to try a Strava app on the apple watch.

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    I do. 1 hour every other day. 2-4 hours at the weekend. At the moment, serious runners will be using a Garmin/Suunto gps watch, they're not even expensive anymore. I'll be interested to try a Strava app on the apple watch.

    Yeah, you do 2-4 hours at the weekend, but not every day.  That's what I was talking about.  How do you find your Apple Watch battery lasts during the week and at the weekend?

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    An hour run doesn't phase it. A long run (with a workout running) would cause it to struggle to do a full day. 


    They have a LONG way to go if they want to put a gps chip in keep the Watch size the same. At the moment, it's the iPhone that does the heavy lifting - the Watch is using bluetooth a lot and request HR but not much else.

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    Aren't big, chunky watches "in" right now? On the other hand, if they can't make to two days on battery, gaining a few hours isn't a practical benefit because you still need to charge every night. I guess it's safe to say the case won't get thinner than the diameter of the crown.

    They never were out! :) While the Apple Watch is not a man's watch, per se, anyone who does wears watches knows that a man's watch *is* almost always larger or "chunky," even the really expensive ones. It's all a matter of taste, of course.

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    multimedia wrote: »
    I was unaware of this list and cannot find it in settings on my AT&T iPhone 6+ nor on my AT&T iPhone 6S+ both running iOS 9.0.1. Would you mind telling us where we add our watch to this list please? Thank you in advance for your help.

    I believe it can be found in Settings > Phone. But I think wi-fi calling has to be enabled, am I right?
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    I wonder if it will ever be compatible with the iPod touch. If so, I would be able to reach the conclusion that the iPod touch is really all you need from an iOS device. I think an iPod compatible watch would need at least to have GPS.

    Heck, I wonder what it is about the iPhone 5 and later that makes them compatible. It could be anything from the GPS version to the version of BlueTooth. I mean, save GPS, the iPod touch has almost everything that one would need for a compatible watch, at least as far as I can see.

    Oh well. A guy can dream, right?
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    mstone wrote: »
    With my typical usage the watch theoretically could go two days because it uses about 50% battery per day, but you are right, it needs to be charged everyday. If it had a couple extra hours it would for sure make it two days with a little bit to spare. The good thing though, is that it charges pretty fast. It can go from 50% to 100% in about a half hour, so if you forgot to charge it you can get enough for the day in the time it takes you to shave and shower in the morning.
    Agree with that but it needs to be able to last a Friday work day through the party night and a Saturday morning waking up at someone else's house for brunch without it being dead on my wrist.
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    virtuavirtua Posts: 209member
    Mine must be special somehow? I'm already getting 2 days and I noticed improvements with os2. Just taken it off now with 32% on day 2 which surprised me. Before I read this I put it to sleep and decided to see how it will fare tomorrow (not expecting it to last the day but let's see. Today I walked about 5miles...didn't use it so much, BUT it is day 2 and still has juice. I only charge every 2 days - but you have to put it into sleep which I do about 9pm each night. And I have the screen on the lowest brightness setting which is still bright.
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    I do wanna have one of those. Looks quite awesome and handy.

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