Apple's redesigned Magic Mouse 2 & Magic Keyboard gain integrated batteries, Lightning ports



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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member

    Just got all 3 delivered and setup in seconds. Damn are these nice!


    I love the keyboard...I'm putting away my fullsize Apple keyboard in favor of this one. I'll miss the number row, but the feel of these keys is too nice to switch back.


    The trackpad is stunning. I'll probably use it the least out of everything just because I prefer the mouse, but it is a sight to see and use.


    The mouse is noticeably lighter.


    Using the existing Lightning connector on my desk, these each paired in 1 sec. Talk about a good user experience to get setup.


    And boy is it nice to have 3 new Lightning cables to repurpose elsewhere.

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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,926member

    Originally Posted by Crowley View Post


    Surely that reason applies just as much to MacBooks, which have backlit keyboard?


    Good point. I guess some people just really loves them some backlit keyboards. I guess I've just never found myself wishing for one. 

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    I'm not feeling this. I use the Enerloop batteries and already get around a months use out of them – without switching off and I don't have any downtime if I forget and they do run down. Still no wireless full size keyboard? For company so hung on extolling 'Pro' versions of its products they've done a great job of ignoring the one product us 'pros' spend the most time touching. The new trackpad? As good as Force Touch is, it would need to come with Jessica Alba's mobile number and the location of buried pirate treasure to justify £109 – it provides neither. Sigh.  

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    When I bought a used Mac Mini back in January, I also bought a Logitec wireless keyboard - what a disappointment. That full sized keyboard had the built-in numeric keypad - good. However, it lacked any kind of indicator for caps lock on and worst of all the solar recharging did not work in my basement under fluorescent lights. Furthermore, it requires a mini dongle that takes up a USB port.

    Within a month I replaced it with the Apple wired keyboard with numeric keypad. It works great and the two built-in USB ports are a nice feature, it makes up for the USB port that the keyboard uses and brings them out where they can be used.

    I concur with zroger73 about the Sanyo/Panasonic Eneloop batteries. I use them in my Magic Mouse and only have to swap them for charged ones about once a month. I don't switch the mouse off - that would confuse my father-in-law who also uses the Mac.
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    ronboronbo Posts: 669member

    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    Save that extra cash and get the iPad Pro. Don't go cheap on us now.

    Which doesn't help him at all in his desire to use Photoshop.

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    maxitmaxit Posts: 222member

    I'm using first generation of all of these devices, and I think the new ones are fantastic , but way too high the prices !

    It's about 400€ to buy them..... the price of a full PC :wow:

    Not going to buy a PC (Windows free since 2005, Apple user since 1989), but it is a comparison just to highlight how much Apple is asking for these input devices.

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