Think Secret : Ban On Rumor Press at MWNY



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    Today's Joy of Tech:

    damn, that's good stuff.

    Oh, and be sure to check out these 2 articles at Crazy Apple Rumors Site:

    <a href=""; target="_blank">Apple Initiates "Rumor Site" Passes For Macworld NY.</a>

    <a href=""; target="_blank">Relationship Between Apple And Rumor Sites Worsens.</a>

    [quote]Tristan Fisk, Senior Editor of Mac-A-Licious, a self-acclaimed rumor site, was pleased to see Apple capitulate.

    "Now this is more like it," Fisk said. "Apple has finally recognized that rumor sites are an valuable part of the Macintosh community and given us our due."

    Fisk himself will not be attending next week's Macworld as his parents will not let him use the car.

    "Yeah, it's totally bogus," Fisk complained. "I'm gonna be a senior next year and they still won't let me take a 4-day road trip by myself. Pff."

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    [quote]Originally posted by M3D Jack:


    I'd really like to know what Apple's motives are in regards to this. ... but by not giving sites press creds at a Macworld... you're really limiting their ability to the press lounge, the users conferences, and meeting with other companies...

    I guess the point is that I don't see how this action is in any way, shape, or form controlling the media. </strong><hr></blockquote>

    I don't think they're looking to control the media. There's a real possiblity that their hardware offerings are going to suck to flower-power proportions, except this time they're going to intro such suckage to an already stagnant market and less than expect sales figures. That could be a few ugly quarters, and while the rumor press is small potatoes, they're more likely looking for media to blame.
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    BTW, nice cartoon. I like the Apple Commercial text on the door. Nice touch.
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    My little insignificant opinion on this, with 2 people as examples.

    If it weren't for these damn rumor sites, this message board here, and the "Mac Community" in general, I'm sure I would till be pecking away on my 400 MHz G3 Pismo.

    I'm constantly reading about all of this new hardware, get caught up in all the hype, get fully infected with RDF... and I'm conscequently buying new freakin' hardware like there's no tomorrow. I'm scared to death of owning a Mac that's a revision or 2 out of the loop. I'm a freak.

    It's kind of funny, but I had NO desire to upgrade my PC at all - a PII 300. The only reason I replaced it with an XP 1800+ was the thing just gave up on me. I HAD to replace it. Sure I heard about the new P4 whatever coming out, but I couldn't have cared less about them. I guess the PC is just a tool to me, like my photocopier is. I replace it when it breaks.

    My Mac though, due in large part to these little rumor sites, message boards, and most of the smaller sites that MacSurfer links daily, is much more to me. I'm sure if I didn't bother with these sites, I'd have much less of an attachment to my Macs, and probable spend WAY LESS on them.

    The second guy I'm talking about is a friend that used to work at a newspaper here (since moved away), he was in charge of laying out the front page in Quark. He's also quite a photographer, and a real Mac lover. But he never bothers with the Mac sites much, never reads the rumor sites, and never knows what the hell is going on with the Mac. He just likes using Macs, and works with them all day. I told him about my iPod one day, and this was a good 3 months after it came out. His first comment to me?

    "What the heck is an iPod?"

    I think the excitement these guys stir up only helps Apple. Back off Steve, ya prick.

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    Yep, the mac community, regardless of their bent, stirs up loads of Apple lust, even whent they're bitching to high heaven. It's one of the main reasons Apple can get away with spending as little as they do on advertising: there are literally hundreds of sites reaching hundreds of thousands of people every week that do nothing but promote the mac platform. For that, Apple decides to give them a kick in the teeth!

    People have been talking about Apple not wanting to give fanboys a free ride anymore, but Apple itself has been getting one heck of a free ride.
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    Check out this MacWorld session:



    5:00 PM

    8:00 PM

    Blacklisted Journalists Happy Hour

    The Big Bar, 7th Street between 1st & 2nd Avenue

    For Press WITHOUT Press Badges ONLY. Come whine with wine, bitch with beer, and dicker over liquor. Voodoo doll pricking every half hour (bring your own voodoo doll). Engage in Rumors and Speculation, without fear of censorship. Mention to Dave, the Bartender, that you were Blacklisted by IDG/Apple, for half price drinks! Organized by: Pythaeus Everyone.

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;
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