Apple TV's tvOS found to support app folders



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    Originally Posted by Yojimbo007 View Post

    Why is universal search limited to a handful of apps?

    The Apps have to be written to support it.  Most of them don't.  The majority are likely just quick ports form ATV 3.

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    Originally Posted by wwchris View Post

    I agree with the above rants. I am a "fanboy" as well, but Apple is really dropping the ball on a lot of usability issues. I dread the fact that Apple music is going to be Apple's first release onto Android, because if that is an Android users' first impression of what Apple has going on, I would stick with Android. I already have 40 apps cluttering my home screen on the new Apple TV, it can take 10-12 clicks just to get to some of them. Also, apps don't display the names under them until you are on top of them. Unless the icon is really great at reminding me which app that is (and some are awful) I literally have to scroll to them to see the name. Too much half finished work or just plain bad work coming out of Apple UI these days. They are definitely placing visuals over functionality these days. You can have both, they just don't have the ability to do it well anymore.

    Actually, Apple's first Android app is 'Move to iOS'.  It's had 1M+ downloads.

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    Originally Posted by pmz View Post



    Do you really think is acceptable when it is introduced along side a mature iOS? It is even called tvOS 9.0. They should have called it 1.0, like they did with watchOS.


    I love the Apple TV but am a bit disappointed that it is in so many ways a very very very baby version of iOS.

    tvOS is much closer to iOS than watchOS is.  It is missing WebKit and uses a focus-based UI instead of touch-based.  The rest is basically the same and apps can be fairly easily ported if they have a simple interface (and are under 200MB).

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    yojimbo007yojimbo007 Posts: 1,165member
    sarthos wrote: »
    The Apps have to be written to support it.  Most of them don't.  The majority are likely just quick ports form ATV 3.

    Thanks... But i remember reading an article that says apple hasn't opened Siri to all apps and developers yet.
    I may be wrong...
    Hope you are correct and all developers embrace it !

    Here is quote from a "mac rumors" article :

    At the current point in time, universal search is limited to a handful of sources that include Netflix, iTunes, Hulu HBO Go, and Showtime, but Apple plans to make a universal search API available, expanding the number of apps that can take advantage of the feature.
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    nolamacguynolamacguy Posts: 4,758member
    yojimbo007 wrote: »
    Not for one second im encouraging anyone not to get this product.....
    Read my whole post !
    But im addressing issues that are surprisingly there... And should not be..coming from a company like Apple.

    I'm not going to read that whole post.

    look, man -- no software system on earth is going to be perfect, let alone drop off the tree perfect. understand this. these things keep getting better with time. not every feature we can all think of comes out in v1.

    that should be common sense.
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    Does anyone find it slightly odd that the app store new selections (Top charting and categories) are appearing without any update?

    My ATV4 stalled yesterday and completely froze on me - despite several sleeps (didn't try restarting) - then I discovered that 'Top Charts' had appeared.


    Is there an automatic update selection? I would prefer a stable system that I can update in my own time...


    very minor gripe - loving everything else about it


    As for other posters - its Version 1 - these other things will come in time - though I too hope for folder support (and folder within folder!) soon, it'd be nice to group games etc


    I also agree that the keyboard (be it remote app or BT) may be disabled because you could end using it as a computer - which Apple may not want?


    my two cents

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    yojimbo007yojimbo007 Posts: 1,165member
    nolamacguy wrote: »
    I'm not going to read that whole post.

    look, man -- no software system on earth is going to be perfect, let alone drop off the tree perfect. understand this. these things keep getting better with time. not every feature we can all think of comes out in v1.

    that should be common sense.

    "Look man"??? ..... "Im not going to read your post.."??
    Well then why are you commenting on it?

    2nd .. Yup no software is perfect... Things improve in time....... But we are not talking about perfection.. We are talking about obvious omission of critical features.
    Features that are mostly resolved in IOS and common place in more inferior systems.

    Mind you TVOS is not a new invention... It is an extention of a 9 year old os called iOS. Its not a new software.. ...
    And it has been in the making for years..
    The anticipation for this product had been building up for years now... and so had expectations of a great thing when it arrived!
    Apple sliped on this one here and there. ( and lately keeps on slipping on the software end... )
    And yes they are all addressable issues.. But a product with such degree of anticipation had to be more poished.. SPECIALLY a product from APPLE...

    That my friend ( man) is common sense.
    Not complacency and excuses....

    Its funny how some Apple fans preach what is exactly so contradictory to Apples culture and solgan: obsessive focus on perfection and making the best products in the world.
    You love Apple for its reputation and yet comfortably preach mediocracy as ok , obvious goofups as ok. Thats incoherent.
    That wont ever help Apple ... The company you ( and I and many ) feel so emotionally attached to.
    If apple consistently acted according to the complacent approach acceptable to so many fans... There would have been no Apple today for you to love!

    Constructive criticism is a healty thing for all involved..... Dogmatic worship is not.... Specially in the tech universe. Imho.

    All said... I like Apple TV... If u only had read my posts in their entirety .;)
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    "I am a "fanboy" as well but"
    "I'm an Apple fan but"
    "I've been using a Mac since 1984 but"

    will not increase your credibility in the forums.
    What if I told you that the first Mac I saw was a Color Classic running System 7 and, at only 10 years old, when my colleagues started gushing about Windows 95's folder-based Explorer interface I saw just right through the Emperor's new clothes?

    What if I told you that I only switched to the Mac in 2003, after a brief (and somewhat failed, but still very much eye-opening) stint with RedHat + Gnome, because I decided to skip XP altogether and was fed up waiting for Longwait Longhorn?

    What if I told you that I ended up studying communication design, where I was monitor for two years in two rooms full of Macs? What if I told you that I was eventually forced to use Vista at the beginning of said stint (fortunately, only with my personal, family loan laptop, but still) because my iMac G5 crapped out? And that I used a lot of Sony and Nokia products before switching to their Apple counterparts?

    Apple fans come in all shapes and sizes, and what sets them apart from one another is precisely what comes after that “but” and especially what came *before* and *during* their process of becoming Apple fans. We may be fans but we aren't morons, and we may have money invested in their platforms (wow, I didn't even notice this until I reread my post… The fact that I wrote “platforms”, plural, IS itself worrying), but we didn't pledge any allegiance to the brand…

    I'd have to do a massive about face if I did switch (for starters, my nickname has Macs in it!) and would stand to lose some business opportunities if I got out of touch with their products (I perform Mac repairs and upgrades as a side business), but I'm certainly technically and ideologically inclined to do it if I so wish. So Apple better not make me wish for that, capisce?
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    Originally Posted by Yojimbo007 View Post

    Not allowing to have folders as it stands right now is a mistake by apple.

    Peope are not dumb... They can foresee a situation where lack of folders will creat an organizational mess .... So why leave that impression on consumers and disappoint them on omission of such a critical feature ...

    Who wins ? Nobody..

    Consumer gets pissed and starts creating negative narrative.

    Apple gets blasted for rushed product or unfinished rough product..( all u have to do is look at the reviews and forum comments to see this)

    If it was a tactic by apple not to enable folders.. It was a screwed up one !

    Same with siri and remote functionality for apple music... So many holes.

    Not providing a night mode or dark mode is another obviouse issue . The UI is way too bright in dark rooms.

    Siri search can not be locelized to an app....If one wants to JUST search netflix while in netflix app's search, one has to use the keyboard entry method! If one uses Siri one will get a semi universal search showing results outside of netflix too.... Why not allow both "app locelized siri search " and "universal siri search "?

    Why is universal search limited to a handful of apps?

    Why isnt the apple ios remote app not compatable with the new Apple TV?

    Dont get me wrong... I like the new tv... I love some of the features .. But why release it with such obviouse shortcomings..

    Who wins.... Its not like apple did not have time to iron out things at such basic level .. Its been years in the making !

    But that is the negative side of things.

    There are wonderful feature To the product too.

    My favorits are:

    The remote!

    The new rewind/fast forward through the touch panal on the remote. Finally an accurate smooth way of doing this! Its fantastic.

    Siri integration for so many functions... Will only get better .


    The arial screen savers.

    All said.. I believe/hope all the negative issues and obviouse omissions will get resolved before holiday shoping season !

    It can trully become a GREAT product!

    Who pissed in your Cheerios today?

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    nolamacguy wrote: »

    but on your last paragraph -- if you're letting the bitchers in a couple online forums deter you from using a great product, I feel sorry for you. it does its job to be done very well. it takes less than 10 minutes to set up all your accounts and it just isn't that big of a deal. Siri works for the apps that implemented it. the rest will take time, duh.
    Allow me to retort: I am, by definition, a tinkerer, and I *generally* never buy a product without a decent degree of research (including reading reviews and trying it out at stores).

    Since you've read at least the last – and key – paragraph, you know that I wanted to buy an AppleTV 4, so that means I am currently at the research stage.

    Do you honestly think that I only read forum comments? Nope… I've read quite a few authoritative posts and listen to a few podcasts by renowned bloggers (many of which are huge Apple fans – but not apologists, AKA “fanboys”) and, even though I'm far from impressed with them, the moment this product hits the shelves here in Portugal I will be sure to get my hands on a demo unit.

    Maybe, by then, Apple will have fixed their most egregious omissions? I certainly hope so, but the thing is, on principle, Apple's attitude towards their vanguard, the early adopters, is getting crappier and crappier… I still remember when their products first came with lots of pack-ins (the Siri remote doesn't even come with a Lightning-to-USB-C cable for charging with the Apple TV itself, which would be very much obvious since the unit is self-sufficient – to a fault, if you account for the incompatible and their software was at least cohesive with the rest of the platform. And, back then, buying an Apple product out of the blue, with nigh any research but watching a Stevenote and reading some specs on rumour sites like this, was a much safer (yes: safer… Time is money, and having to deal with returns or wasted warranty time if you decide to wait for fixes, with the UX friction itself, etc., is a liability), predictable and, consequentially, exciting experience.

    Nowadays, you feel like you must read three, four, five reports filled with letdowns (I haven't forgotten their dumb-a$$ move of not allowing full-blown console games requiring dedicated controllers in a segregated section of the App Store, and I'm not even much of a gamer myself) before you even get your hands on one of their newfangled gizmos, and dealing with the “buts” and wasting time on them has become the default, the expected. Thanks, but no thanks.
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    Originally Posted by Sarthos View Post


    Actually, Apple's first Android app is 'Move to iOS'.  It's had 1M+ downloads.



    "As part of a dive into some of the source code for Move to iOS, it has been determined that the creator of the app is actually a company from the U.K. called Media Mushroom. Further, the app is not even new as versions of it have been available in both the Google Play Store, as Copy My Data, and in iTunes as Device Switch." -


    Also, that is not an app designed to used by the Android community, it designed to leave the Android community because you no longer want to be in it.

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    vmarksvmarks Posts: 762editor

    Expect folders as  TvOS 2.0 (iOS10) feature. 


    side-by-side apps in iOS was hidden in iOS8 and debuted in iOS9, set your expectations accordingly.

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    yojimbo007yojimbo007 Posts: 1,165member

    Who pissed in your Cheerios today?

    .. How original... ....????????????????????????
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    vmarksvmarks Posts: 762editor

    Who pissed in your Cheerios today?

    Man, if I had a nickel for every time someone micturated in my whole grain gluten-free oats, I would be badly compensated for the offense.

    Also, why is it different people doing the micturation each time?
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