Anyone else completely disappointed?



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    [quote]Originally posted by murbot:

    <strong>I TOTALLY agree with you on that, Matsu. Keeping new Mac users out of that area is a big poo poo.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Yeah, that really is a messed up thing for Apple to do.
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    If I could make an observation...

    About a year ago, people, especially 'round here, were all up in arms about Apple waiting until Macworlds to announce new products. Instead, people were suggesting that Apple just release it when it is ready. So now Apple has started to announce more things outside of Macworlds. Now interestingly enough, everyone is complaining that they didn't announce anything cool at Macworld New York I just find it humorous how we're just never satisfied with things.

    To be quite honest, I was happy with the keynote. iCal (which when I heard it sounded like the name of a calorimeter or something...) is nice, but I prefer Entourage where I have everything in one app. iSync is a good move, they showed off features of Jaguar that while people here have seen before, some people haven't. The point of the keynote was to set the principal theme of the expo, and what they showed is Apple's idea of that. This is what they chose to focus on, and I think it is acceptable. You can't please all the people all the time... spend ten minutes on this message board and I think the point gets driven home like a railroad spike

    A year ago we wanted Apple to stop saving up announcements for Macworlds... now we want them to save them up for Macworlds because Macworld is boring without them. Just my humble observation...
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    jchenjchen Posts: 70member
    The i prefix has been beaten to death. That itself is an understatement.

    Let's see what we have now:










    Notice that during the keynote, six of the above applications were mentioned one after another. Of those five, two were completely new.

    It's almost a joke now to say the least. I mean, all and all, they're good applications but this naming scheme has got to stop. Apple needs to come up with creative NEW names.

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    junkyard dawgjunkyard dawg Posts: 2,801member
    If all you can find to complain about is the naming scheme for Apple's FREE software, then I'd say Apple is doing pretty damn good!
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    [quote]Originally posted by keyboardf12:

    <strong>Nope. Loved it. I listened to apple last spring when they said that they would be spacing out product intros outside of macworlds.

    Many people who are disappointed either belived rumors. expected a g5 or did not listen to apple when they said they are trying to move away from macworlds for big announements.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Very true. Surely any disappointment stems from the unrealistically high expectations people have from reading posts based on nothing but rumour and speculation.
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    Disappointed too.

    See all my today posts.

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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    I would not blame dissapointment on rumor sites even if Steve would like to. People are not as ignorant as the apologists would like to make them sound. Yes OSX.2 looks VERY VERY good, but the price-performance on the hardware side of things is not very good at all. There are exactly 2 Models worth their money (the 12" iBook700 and the new 17"iMac) even those are not where they should be in terms of raw performance but their price and features are close enough that Jaguar (though it works hard for it) does enough to put them over the top.

    Everything else is overpriced or underperforming (depending at how you want to look at the equation) .

    THAT IS THE #1 REASON for dissapointment, it has nothing to with rumors: 9 tenths of the line is way off of where it should be.
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    rodukroduk Posts: 706member
    Although everything other than the iBook and iMac may be overpriced or underperforming (depending at how you want to look at the equation) , surely that was just as true before MacWorld as it is afterwards. What made you think MacWorld would change anything in this respect? If you always expect nothing, then you're never disappointed!

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    [quote]Originally posted by Matsu:

    <strong>The WORST part of .Mac is the removal of customer support from anyone who doesn't ante up 100 USD per annum. Easy support is a neccessary feature for Mac newbies/converts. At the very least ALL mac owners should have read only/search access to the support forums. This is a MAJOR mistake.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    The Apple support discussions are available to all people. The .Mac discussion area, however, is only open to full members. That means those of us with trial memberships can't us it. But remember that the support for .Mac is support for .Mac, not your Mac in general. Why would someone who is not using the .Mac service need .Mac support? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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    obi-dunobi-dun Posts: 19member
    I think the .Mac account cost me too much also. For me, I only use the email. The iDisk, it is too slow. Even I just mount it to my computer, it made my entire computer slow.

    Actually I got more than one email addresses, on the past I love the email. This is a identity for a community. I loved to talk/chat to friends this mean we are Apple customer, we use apple, we love apple, we are in the same community.

    I am so disappointed they charge for it. For me, the basic(5MB) email service is enough for me. I am not going to pay for others I don?t need. I got a palm, I can sync my contact, copy file between my working comp and home comp. Others service is not nessary for me.

    So I am moving out of this community, I don?t feel comfortable here anymore. Many of my friends will do the same as me.
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    Apple kits computer.

    Some thoughts after the expo...

    Mac OS X looks and feels like something for children.

    The new Jaguar, Ichat, Ical. With there big childish icons. A new OSX that needs a supercomputer to be able to run fast. A new OSX where designers have no use for. Professionals do want to make money with a computer and only out of tradition still work with a Mac. While there is no basic differends anymore that make you absolutely need a Mac. I am a long time Apple follower a professional worker and is doing more and more work with a pc. Those computers are cheap and very fast, did I say, FAST!. All my professional software is exactly the same as on the Mac and PC. There is no differends anymore. The only different is the look and feel and it looks very childish to me. I want professional looking stuff. CRT monitors are still to be beaten by those crappy LCD screens. Yes, the new iMac screens are beautiful, O so beautiful, look daddy I can draw a little flower on it. But no match for a good CRT. Despite Steve Jobs remark that CRT screens are history, that’s a lie!

    Is this a move from Apple are they going away from being a computer platform for graphic designers to more something that you buy for a 5 year old so he or she can chat with friends. Looking at moving icons or rotating icons and giggle about it. When you open your file browser you see a little hart where you can safe your favorits. Can I remove that.

    Please treat me as an adult. Talk to me as an adult. Give me stuff for an adult. I want a cool Mac. Real professional looking stuff that can do things no other computer can do. A computer that you absolutely need or you can’t get things done.

    Again, I am a long time Apple follower. But it is Apple that makes me Switch.

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