After abandoning iAd revenue, Apple Inc can reintroduce an ad-free internet



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    Apple, will, as usual, charge too much. For subscription services, it shouldn't.
    As a consequence, the new strategy iAd won't work.
    I am saying this, seeing that €10/mo for iTunes music is not cheap (except for real music lovers), because here we can get a basic satellite subscription package for around €10/mo. Maybe in the US one would pay more, but I am really scared Apple isn't aware that US pricing won't work in different markets.
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    The premise of iAd is that quality adverts could be delivered to a quality audience. iAd is going away because this kind of buyer never eventuated in the app market and apple no longer will run ads on its radio service.

    In-app ads are a wasteland, they're not used by agencies for blue-label brands because in-app is nagging, has poor retention and targets an audience of little-to-no disposable income.
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    Excellent analysis. One word comes to mind... thermonukular.
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    mytdavemytdave Posts: 447member
    One problem.... I hate subscriptions. Other than movie rentals, I just want to pay for an item once to make it mine, and be done forever.
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