San Bernardino shooter's iPhone may hold evidence of 'dormant cyber pathogen,' DA says



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    tundraboytundraboy Posts: 1,618member
    If the phone has a cyber pathogen that might have infected the whole San Bernardino County network, you don't need that phone to check for it, just search through the whole network including all other county iPhones to find the damned (imaginary) pathogen.
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    theothergeofftheothergeoff Posts: 2,081member
    brakken said:
    dws-2 said:
    It's hard to take the government's side seriously when this tripe is coming out. I want to believe that they're just trying to catch criminals, but obvious (to me, at least) scare tactics make me question their motives.

    Dormant = not active. It sounds ominous, but really means nothing. In fact, it's better than it's inactive than it is active.
    Cyber = internet or web. Again, choosing a more ominous word for something common.
    Pathogen = virus or worm. Again, a pretty common thing with a very ominous name.

    So dormant cyber pathogen = computer virus.

    So all the statement says is that there might be an inactive computer virus on the phone. That sounds odd, too, but at least it's something we've all had to deal with. From "dormant cyber virus", we're meant to let our imaginations fill in the ominous sounding words with doomsday scenarios like taking down the power grid or something.
    Exactly, except the idiot DA forgot to check why iPhones never get viruses. Maybe his jerko-buddies at the FBI can man-splain it to him.
    everything is correct above except for brakken's comment.   

    a) never say never.  

    b) You didn't qualify your 'iPhone' with 'unjailbroken, up-to-date, well-signed app carrying... iPhone.'  All of those conditions would make the hardware we call an 'iPhone' malware prone.
    c) dws-2 never said it was a virus targetted at an iPhone.  iPhones could easily transport viruses targetting other computers (I catch most of my corp's windows viruses on my Linux Honeypot, which has 100's of 'dormant cyber pathogens' this morning by the above definition... 

    They can now point to some bit of viral code in the San Bernandino file server, look at each other and say, "This was planted by terrorists.... do we know any?"  And then come up with a 'reason' to say 'probable cause' to hope to sway the judge into using the AWA to issue a search warrant requiring Apple's unlimited help.

    I'm surprised they didn't add, "we suspect the pathogen to wipe out all intelligent life as we know it", because, apparently in County Prosecutors' Office, it already has.

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    theothergeofftheothergeoff Posts: 2,081member
    Well if there's a dormant cyber pathogen on the phone, we certainly don't want to let it loose...chuck it in the nearest fire and save mankind !
    I prefer the Andromeda Strain's solution... alcohol induced keto-acidosis.  Drink enough and you'll be safe!

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    spice-boyspice-boy Posts: 837member
    the only threat the county's data infrastructure is from some members of the US Gov trying to break the security of the iOS. These people are more dangerous than a nut bag "terrorist" which wanted revenge on his co-workers and had no training in cyber warfare. 
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    ewtheckmanewtheckman Posts: 309member
    Attaeus said:
    San Bernadino County reset the passcode, making it impossible to access the phone's data by any other means but a brute force attack. The did this intentionally, at the request of the FBI. Freaking bunch of liars.
    For the record, they did not change the numeric passcode on the phone. They changed the password on the Apple ID account associated with the phone.
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    BIG GOV:  It's simple ... just give up all your rights and privacy so that we can direct your life and keep you safe.
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    If it doesn't have one on it now, it will as soon as it is opened (if it gets opened).
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    jbaughjjbaughj Posts: 1member
    Wait a minute!  I think he may have a valid point that posters here are too quick to overlook. That cellphone very well May contain any number of vital  crucial to the survival of mankind. Who knows for certain that the iPhone doesn't contain detailed information for the cure of cancer? Or the exact coordinates pinpointing the location of Jimmie Hoffa.....or the fountain of youth. Makes you think, doesn't it?

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    latifbplatifbp Posts: 544member
    brakken said:
    If there is a pathogen in it, throw it in the fire before it spreads! The whole of San Bernadino could be in trouble!
    San Bernadino is a total wasteland. If there is even such a thing as a cyber pathogen, which the way this fool describes it is totally inaccurate factually with regard to how viruses function, it would put this dump out of it's misery.
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    stompystompy Posts: 336member
    Dormant Cyber Pathogen ?   Best band name EVER!
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    boltsfan17boltsfan17 Posts: 2,161member
    So basically the DA is warning that a magical unicorn might exist on this phone. 
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    technotechno Posts: 704member
    It may also hold the secrets of alien contact with Earth. 
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    thedbathedba Posts: 476member
    The people Mr. Ramos is trying to protect, from this cyber pathogen, are these guys. 

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    jfc1138jfc1138 Posts: 3,090member
    "dormant cyber pathogen"?

    This guy passed the bar? 
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    jfc1138jfc1138 Posts: 3,090member
    It's such a load a bull. "May hold" means it's both opinion, theory and excuse. There's no solid evidence here. For all we know, it could have selfies. 
    Hell as a monitored work phone all it's got are health inspection reports for food trucks or whatever the make murderer inspected.

    Whatever goodies there may have been are on the two CRUSHED personal phones and that hard drive the FBI can't find.
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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,705member
    jfc1138 said:
    "dormant cyber pathogen"?

    This guy passed the bar? 
    I think he stopped in to get drunk before his news conference. 
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    icoco3icoco3 Posts: 1,459member

    "Watch my lips was used as a weapon
    to introduce a lying dormant cyber pathogen that
    endangers San Bernardino County's infrastructure."

    About sums it up...

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    MGMG Posts: 2member
    We'll get right on that now...
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    icoco3icoco3 Posts: 1,459member
    brakken said:
    Exactly, except the idiot DA forgot to check why iPhones never get viruses. Maybe his jerko-buddies at the FBI can man-splain it to him.
    I'm surprised they didn't add, "we suspect the pathogen to wipe out all intelligent life as we know it", because, apparently in County Prosecutors' Office, it already has.

    Obviously he is safe.
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    nicnacnicnac Posts: 59member
    someone just watched Independence Day and thinks this iPhone is like Jeff Goldblum's Mac.
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