First look: Apple offers premium power at budget pricing with new iPhone SE



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    I used to be right. 

    Then I got banned from MacRumors. And Neowin. 

    MacRumors has become a haven for the anti-Apple crowd and the mods seem to encourage it.
    quadra 610nolamacguy
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    Finally 4". Gonna get me a 64GB iFonzie in Space Black. Happy Days!
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    I would have loved to see a new design. This is Apple recycling at its finest :( 
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    baconstangbaconstang Posts: 1,088member
    jkichline said:
    bigpics said:

    Pretty sure I know what one cardinal feature will be in next year's SE+.....

    PS: the continuing 16/64 GB shuffle really makes me think less of the company.  Such a naked tactic that leaves most budget buyers with a sub-par owning experience, or simply pads Apple's margins for those that bump up.  Not a customer-centric way of doing biz.

    I've had plenty of 16 GB iPhones. Everything is streamed today and as long as you manage your photos with Photos or manually remove them, I haven't had a problem. I now have 128 GB which really just lets me get lazy. It all comes down to your budget vs needs.
    Reminds me of my friend whom got rid of his Mustang to get an SUV because he didn't like having to clean out his car so often.
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    It's much cheaper; more price-competitive with clones.
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    rogifan_newrogifan_new Posts: 4,297member
    I have to laugh, Reuters is running a story right now saying this phone will flop in India and China because it's too small. Who says this phone is for India and China? Sure you can look at the $399 price and assume that but it's not going to be $399 in India and I'll bet a large chunk of the 4" phone sales last year came from the US where people have iPads and computers and TVs vs emerging market where the phone might be the only device someone has. Also on the last earnings call didn't Apple report YOY flat to declining sales for the US market (I think Apple reports North and South America together)? Perhaps more people in the US want the smaller size.
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    josujosu Posts: 217member
    If I where interested in buying a cell phone, this would be it, have the power, the capacity in a size that fits any pocket and I can carry with me all day without even noticed it. Is what is happening to me right now with my iPod Touch, I must check several times to see if I live it behind because is so unobtrusive that you even don't know is there.
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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    Awesome news. I'm glad they finally listened to those of us who want a smaller phone. 
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    croprcropr Posts: 1,114member
    misa said:
    16GB is fine to get people to use/switch to the iPhone, unlike an Android device, it's actually rather seemless if you have enough space or not until you try to store all your music on the device.

    16GB is the same size as the iPod Classic's first three generations (2001-2004) and since then music compression has improved, and power consumption has improved.

    But a 16GB iPod still costs 250$ and the 7th generation Nano is still available and only in 16GB size. So Apple clearly makes a lot of money of the 16GB size because they likely have a very good deal on 16GB NAND chips.

    Music compression has barely changed for any of the codecs that are supported by Apple.  If you buy a record from the iTunes store, it has exactly the same size as 5 years ago.  There have been improvements on codecs like ogg, but Apple does not support this.
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    saareksaarek Posts: 1,520member
    latifbp said:
    saarek said:
    Most people buy the 16gb because it's the cheapest and they don't know any better.

    Unless you use very few apps and rarely take photos it is not enough.

    I accept that some people are able to get away with just 16gb.

    However most phone manufactures, especially the flagship devices moved away from 16gb a long time ago.

    16gb back in 2010 made sense, it does not make sense now, especially when you plan to keep the device for 3 or more years.
    Speculation... I'm sure Apple is making the decision to keep 16GB based on actual numbers, not emotions
    Yes, profit numbers.
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    k2kwk2kw Posts: 2,074member
    brakken said:
    That iPhone 5 body must be the longest-lived shape in tech! I wish they'd styled it like the 6 so they had the same design language. Oh well.

    I am hoping that this iPhone SE fits in my battery case for my 5S.   If so this is a slam dunk.   Many people like me will appreciate that they can still keep the 4 inch form factor and upgrade for much less than in the past.
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    spice-boyspice-boy Posts: 1,450member
    My partner has an iPhone 5 still which I had before buying the 6s which I enjoy except for the rounded edges. The 5 was the best designed form for holding, picking up and a lot less prone to dropping. I hope the 7 returns to that flat sided shape. People can fuss over ram, 3D touch and other things packing into the iPhone but holding it is still half of the experience for me.
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    rwesrwes Posts: 200member
    The (false) headline is that these are 6S phones in a smaller design without 3D touch for $399. The truth is that you're sacrificing way more than just screen size and 3D touch: -Screen - 800:1 contrast ratio is significantly lower; doesn't use the photo alignment tech. -No word on the type of cover glass so it is likely not double ionized like in the 6S. -Probably not 7000 series aluminum. -TouchID - uses 1st generation touchID which isn't as fast as the 2nd gen unit on the 6S. -No Barometer. -Doesn't do HDR video, front camera is 6 level and not the 5Mpix in the 6S. -Doesn't use LTE Advanced but instead regular LTE like the 6. The one saving grace is that they made it thick enough to not have a camera bump. Almost makes all those other sacrifices worth it.
    I *personally* don't consider the 4" display a sacrifice (going back to the 4" SE from a 6). Would have definitely liked 3D Touch. I used that on friends 6s and really like the interaction and the feedback of the "Taptic Engine".

    Improved contrast ratio would be nice.

    How does the double ionized cover glass make a difference in day to day use (serious question...) I use cases most times and don't drop them much. But I have no idea if it strengthens the cover glass.

    How does the better aluminum make a difference; IIRC, the shorter/smaller size doesn't necessitate it. It's a box that doesn't need to be checked, no?

    2nd generation, faster Touch ID would be nice, but the first gen Touch ID on my 6 works fine and honestly, quick enough for me.

    What does a barometer do again? (Jk)

    Updated front camera would be nice, especially for the selfie and FaceTime video crowd, of which I am neither.

    Id assume the people who would benefit from LTE-A, are probably people who use their phone frequently on the go and that would (probably) be the same crowd who would prefer 4.7" and 5.5" sizes anyway. I personally don't currently use my phone for anything that data intensive on the go and probably never will. When performing intensive use, I'm normally by wifi and prefer a *much* larger device anyway!

    When it comes down to it, what you've listed are absolutely valid omissions, but not deal breakers for a lot of people, myself included. In fact, one item you've got on the -negative- side, a lot of people consider a positive (smaller display size). It's just like the 16GB argument. It's not enough for a lot of (the vocal) people. For the people who don't care, it's fine; businesses, providing users a work phone, my parents (because I don't want to worry if they're doing any kind of banking or transactions (purchases), on un secured devices), etc

    I like the 5/5s design and feel so much more than then 6/6s. If the SE and 6/6s were the same thickness, but with their respective edges/design, I'd pick the 5/5s/SE hands down, but that's for me. Everyone likes different things.
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    I like it. 6s power. NFC. Smaller, Lighter. 20-25% better Battery Life, an unmentioned till now, less likely theft target (and less $ to lose) as it so closely looks like a 3-4 year old 5 or 5s. I see this as my next work phone (replacing my 5s) when back in the mid-east. 6s for residence (Thai), 6 for USA, 4-6 weeks a year.
    Capacity, 128GB Sandisk iXpand $100 on A...... share between your base capacity i devices.
    Have a company iOS device? Keep all your music, photos, etc... off board and available with or without 3-4G or wifi. Great solution.
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    nolamacguynolamacguy Posts: 4,758member
    saarek said:

    16gb is just not enough for the average user, I get that Apple wants more money but there is no excuse for their flagship devices to start at 16gb.
    the real world market seems to disagree with you. if people didn't buy them, Apple wouldn't sell them. simple. 
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    retrogustoretrogusto Posts: 1,101member
    saarek said:

    Unless you use very few apps and rarely take photos it is not enough.
    Then why bother buying an expensive smartphone? 
    Exactly. If you use few apps and don't need to keep lots of music or photos on your phone, this inexpensive smartphone could be an excellent choice.
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,086member
    crimguy said:
    And all the experts here thought I was wrong to say there would be another 4" iPhone after the 5s. . . .

    Just sayin' . . .  I was right for once lol
    Great to see all the BS replies by sog35. 
    Sog lost all cred in my book.  I ignore his posts.  He's the kind of person that goes on rants, flip-flops, and hopes nobody will call him on it.
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