This week on AI: Apple Watch 2 an 's' model, Apple Car roundtable, FBI unlock yields no rewards

in General Discussion edited April 2016
Some focus returned to the second-generation Apple Watch and the Apple Car -- two products shrouded in mystery -- but the encryption debate continued to flourish, particularly with news that the FBI has yet to find useful information on the iPhone of dead San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook.

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Everything you need to know:

  • The 2016 Apple Watch may be an interim "s" upgrade > >
  • iPhone 6s sales are described as "sluggish" > >
  • Buildings for Apple's electric car project are codenamed after Greek myths > >
  • The FBI has yet to recover useful info from Syed Farook's iPhone > >
  • "Gray-hat" hackers may have been used to unlock the device > >
  • The agency is meanwhile seeking a warrant to unlock another iPhone in California > >
  • AppleInsider participated in a Motor Trend roundtable on the Apple Car > >

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A roundup of all of our hottest stories this week:

2016 Apple Watch will be internal 's' upgrade, major design changes to wait until 2017, insider says

Facing 'sluggish sales,' Apple said to continue reduced iPhone production through June quarter

Codenames for Apple's 'Project Titan' car HQ borrow from Greek mythology: 'Rhea,' 'Athena' & 'Medusa'

FBI has yet to find actionable intel from breached San Bernardino iPhone, report says

FBI requests warrant to unlock iPhone 5c connected to California murder investigation

Apple Car: It's about the experience

FBI reportedly paid 'gray-hat' hackers, not Cellebrite, for zero day exploit in San Bernardino iPhone case

Apple investigating major App Store search changes, mulling paid results, report says

Apple's website hints 'OS X' to be rebranded as 'MacOS'


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