Oops: Microsoft leaks its Golden Key, unlocking Windows Secure Boot and exposing the danger of back



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    Its very clear why the FBI isn't interested in this kind of rhetoric.
    It's naive to think government agencies (and the government itself) are interested in security risks of individuals.They only care about control and (thus) the ability to eavesdrop on everyone, collateral damage is maybe unfortunate but acceptable for 'the greater good'.

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    Secure boot is such a joke! Both Apple and MS securities are a complete joke. All one needs is any alternate OS that understands the filing system (disk or volume format) in question (usually FAT, NTFS, or HFS, HFSX and other relative files systems for Android, iOS, etc. devices ) which almost all of them do, and ALL LEVELS OF SECURITY of these OS's are defeated. It takes about 1 to 3 minutes to defeat MS or OS X securities.

    Also both Operating Systems have government backdoors in place - they have to by law now - in case you didn't know.

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