Apple gets green light to add 1,000 jobs at Irish headquarters



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    Ok Euros. You still not really value or appreciate now 7000 jobs in Ireland? Still want to degrade and devalue what Apple is contributing to Ireland?
    Let me explain how this works as simply as I can:   All the foreign companies that have a presence in Ireland, are here because they see an advantage to themselves, not because they are doing Ireland a favour out of the goodness of the hearts that none of them have.

    For sure they are all most welcome and Ireland would indeed be more stuffed than it is without the employment they provide, but this is not a one-way street.  There is also benefit for the companies, otherwise they wouldn't be here.
    Duh, all of us dummies thought Apple was there just as a humanitarian gesture. No. Some of us question whether Apple is actually getting the benefit they sought. If the deals they made are going to be broken by the EU, if Apple is treated like a tax cheat and made to pay billions they did not owe, then one may reasonably question whether their presence in Ireland makes sense. 
    It appears Apple and the Irish government did a deal that was in breach of EU law.  What would happen in the US if a state did a deal with a company and  told them they could ignore a federal law and dump toxic waste, or something similar?   Would the federal government say; 'you guys did a deal and now thousands of US citizens are dying from cancer from polluted groundwater, no sweat, that's cool since you did a deal.'?  Is that how it would go down?
    Total false equivalency. Total hyperbole. You still cannot identify one person or even one company that was harmed. Zero.
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