$369 Apple Watch Series 2 with GPS is swim-proof with 2x brighter display, white ceramic case



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    kevin keekevin kee Posts: 1,291member
    NY1822 said:
    love all the new products but I need some clarification...I'm going to buy the new watch.
    1) If I go on a run and leave my phone at home, do I still get notifications?
    2) With built in GPS is the internet being used, and if so will it be LTE charged to my carrier plan?
    I am no expert, someone please clarify, but to answer your questions:
    1. No (No LTE)
    2. No (GPS != LTE)
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    brucemcbrucemc Posts: 1,541member
    Watch was a grand slam. Definitely buying one.
    I thought it a very solid update, but IMO it was a double, not a grand slam.  It has been 2 years since the first one was presented.  Very useful new h/w features, and clear at this point that the focus on most improvements is for fitness / activities.  Was thinking that a barometer would have been a nice add for those folks, but perhaps it wouldn't work so well with the waterproofing (at this stage) - thought about that when they were presenting the hiking app (very cool!).

    It won't entice me to upgrade from my gen 1 Apple Watch, but I realize that the target (as it should be) is to pull in some new users.  We heard lots of noise that waterproofing for swimming and GPS were holding others back, so hopefully they take the plunge.  Sales will rebound, though not sure that 2016 sales will be higher than 2015 (we can never know for sure).

    Apple is taking a measured approach to Apple Watch, which I think is the right one.  The market for smartwatches is still in the very early stages - just branching from the really early adopters into the broader population.  I am sure that Apple is also constrained on the tech for miniaturizing all components to fit into the case.

    The good news is there is lots more to come in future versions.  Perhaps this is a year where apps carry some of the ball (that hiking app was really cool, and shows what can be done).  Hoping for a golf app that combines the swing measurement with golf course data, and ability to enter your score.
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    brucemcbrucemc Posts: 1,541member

    Rayz2016 said:

    sog35 said:
    No always on display and gold models are gone. Pricing starts at $369. No pricing for ceramic model. 1st gen with new processor starting at $269.

    no mention of battery life so my guess is it's the same as gen 1.
    Those gold AppleWatch will be collectors items.
    Always on is stupid. Sure way to kill  your battery
    Always on is beyond stupid. 
    I don't understand why people say that.  Is it just because Apple doesn't offer it?  The customizable watch faces are very interesting and useful, and ability to have an (optional) lower light watch face is desirable to watch owners that I have talked to.  It makes the overall package much more aesthetically pleasing.

    I am not asking for it before the tech is ready, but I think as a fashion item, being able to display something other than the black screen most of time, would be a winner for Apple. 
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    Just FYI:

    The ceramic Apple Watch Edition enclosure is made mostly of zirconium dioxide.
    Some forms of this material are nearly as hard as diamond, and the  Watch Edition is supposedly highly scratch-resistant.
    The pearlescent effect is produced by adding alumina, another ceramic, that also adds strength.

    My 2 cents:

    Next year's iPhone "8" may have a ceramic enclosure, also made of zirconium dioxide.
    Apple seems to be ready to produce it.  
    They have taken these steps toward a ceramic iPhone so far:

    1. Patent their work on zirconium dioxide enclosures for consumer electronics devices (2006).

    2. Use transparent zirconium oxide for the clear back of the mid-priced  Watch line (2015).

    3. Patent zirconium dioxide technologies specific to enclosures for both the  Watch and iPhone (2015).

    4.  Build the 2nd-gen  Watch Edition with zirconium dioxide enclosures (2016).

    Next step: use zirconium dioxide for the enclosure of the 2017 iPhone.
    It would be radio transparent, effectively scratch-proof, and even the front "glass" could be made of the material.
    But is it recyclable?  Is it too expensive or time-consuming to mass-produce?  Is it shatter-proof enough?
    We might know about a year from now.

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