Jet black iPhone 7 potentially vulnerable to scratching, Apple admits



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    frankie said:
    eightzero said:
    Shouldnt phone prices in general be going down? $1000 a bit too much. dad paid about $400 for a color TV set in 1970, and the TV I just bought cost about $400 too. Shouldn't prices on TV sets be coming down?
    Your example is flawed considering inflation. That $400 to your dad in 1970 is about $2,500 now.
    Eightzero's reply is exactly on the money because of the very reason you're saying he's off base.

    Lots of people nowadays don't get irony.  At all.
    Is this a result of people growing up texting each other rather than talking over the phone or face to face?
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    sog35 said:
    sog35 said:
    Must be the same idiots that carry their high gloss coated cars in their pockets...

    SpamSandwich said:
    High gloss coatings on cars are also subject to scratching. Who knew?

    At least they're saying so up front to avoid idiots filing class action suits over such trivialities.
    You do know cars go through MUCH WORSE elements than a phone in your pocket.  Try mounting your phone on the hood of your car for a month, and tell us what it looks like. Acid rain, rail dust, rocks, glass particles, ect are constantly being slammed into your cars paint at high speeds.

    Go talk to anyone who owns a black car and they will tell you the struggles of limiting the microscratches on a black car. But at the end its worth it for many of them because a clean black car looks awesome, same with this phone.
    Free with every Jet Black iPhone:

    And THAT ladies and gentlemen is the end of this thread.
    That won't work.

    That is gressy crap that will leave smears and residue.

    You need to use a crystal clear polymer that chemically attaches and bonds to the material.

    That's why I said use Opti Gloss. That stuff is invisible when dry and last years on cars.
    Do you have any sense of humor? 
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