Apple debuts affordable 13" MacBook Pro model, axes 11" MacBook Air



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    polymniapolymnia Posts: 1,080member
    jvmb said:
    polymnia said:
    I can probably count on two hands the number of times I've needed to connect to a conference room video system.

    Most cameras are iPhones.

    I'd say for the typical, daily use patterns of users, its okay to drop these dedicated ports. Seeing the the two plugs you mention are the largest holes in the side of a modern MacBook Pro, they made the right call from where I sit.
    Apple used to target creative professionals with the MBP line. A group that is more likely than the average user to present their work on a large screen and use SLR cameras.
    Maybe they used to. These days Apple targets MBPs at EVERYONE. And they still appeal to creative professionals.

    I'm one of those creative professionals.

    I don't feel I need special plugs for my limited need to present on big screens. Big screen presentation is not really a big part of my business.

    I certainly won't mind using a USB-C SD reader for my SLR. Cards are so big these days that I rarely have to empty & wipe them quickly in the field. Quite often, I shoot tethered in my home studio, completely removing the need for the card reader, but requiring an extra USB connection. Once again, I think this new approach is more adaptable.

    I like it.
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    dacloo said:
    I think it's a great machine, but I'm disappointed the SD card has been axed, which is so useful to have integrated in a professional notebook. All these fucking dongles.

    when i picked up a non-retina display 13" macbook pro from the Apple store two weeks ago, they asked if i needed them to set it up, i said no thank you - i need to swap the 2.5" HDD for a 2 TB SSD first.

    they said "why would you do that? just use an external drive?"

    I can already get a 4 TB 2.5" SSD for the same 13"
    why oh why did it take this long for Apple to have a BTO for internal 2 TB, and why oh why are they limiting it to the 15"?!?!

    Photographers and videographers need storage, and external expansion is fine in the office, but on the road (ie portable) i want it internal.

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