Sprint, Starbucks now featured as in-game locations for Pokemon Go players

in iPhone edited December 2016
Hot on the heels of Niantic teasing the addition of more creatures to capture, the Pokemon Go developer has announced deals with both Starbucks and Sprint, making stores from both companies in-game features.

Niantic's partnership with Starbucks begins on Thursday, with 7,800 stores in the U.S. becoming either a Pok?stop for players to collect in-game supplies, or a gym to battle for control over. Sprint's 10,500 locations -- including Radio Shack and Boost Mobile outlets -- appeared on Wednesday.

That day, Niantic CEO John Hanke told users to "keep an eye out on our social media channels on December 12th for details about the first addition of more Pok?mon." No details are known about what will be added, but the game as it stands contains only the first 151 Pok?mon, versus 802 in the total franchise.

Hanke had previously announced that there would be sponsored locations for Pok?mon Go in the future, such as the U.S. Starbucks and Sprint deals.

Pok?mon Go is a joint effort between Niantic and the various companies responsible for the Pok?mon intellectual property, including Nintendo. Even after a rocky start, with widespread server problems, the game was estimated to have generated $600 million in revenue in the middle of October, and is still generating about $2 million a day.

As of December 8, Pokemon Go is 11th in Top Grossing Apps at the iOS App Store, nearly six months after initial release.

The Pokemon Go app will be expanded with an Apple Watch implementation before the end of the year.


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    Great, now that nobody plays this dumb game anymore.
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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,115administrator
    I'm not sure that $2M in in-app purchases a day is nobody.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,260member
    Ok, ss long as morons that play this don't screw with the time it takes to get served!
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    jason98jason98 Posts: 766member
    I'm not sure that $2M in in-app purchases a day is nobody.
    Exactly, imagine all these pokemons standing in line in front of you...
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    I'm not sure that $2M in in-app purchases a day is nobody.
    That was the case at launch. I doubt very much it's still the case. I used to see everyone around me playing this, but not anymore. The kids have moved on to something else.
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    Shark jump
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    jimzipjimzip Posts: 446member
    I really wish the rich little kids still playing this with parents' credit cards would realise how badly they've been had & stop. But most of them never played a real Pokemon game, and now their introduction to it is this; the worst game ever, and I use the term 'game' loosely. Niantic have single-handedly ruined the Pokemon brand. Instead of using awesome technology to reboot and further a classic concept, this greedy, poorly planned race to the bottom has reduced it to some thin shadow of a Pokemon game, and in truest form turned it into another overly-monetised, pointless waste of time. It's sad, because they had millions of dollars and heaps of development time, and this is the best they could do. Jimzip :D
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