2018 Ford Expedition features Apple CarPlay, wi-fi hotspot, wireless mobile charging

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Despite working on its own SmartDeviceLink, Ford continues to offer Apple's CarPlay in its new vehicles, with the 2018 Expedition including the technology alongside a wi-fi hotspot.

CarPlay is implemented inside the new Expedition with the SYNC 3 system, which also brings along Android Auto compatibility. It is not known if the CarPlay included with the new model is wired, or wireless.

The wi-fi hotspot included with the vehicle supports 10 connected devices, and works at ranges of up to 50 feet from the car, according to Ford.

Also added to the new model is a wireless charging pad in the dashboard. The iPhone 7 and earlier will not charge wirelessly with the included system unless the phone is mounted in a Qi-compatible case.

The new Expedition is Ford's first 2018 model year car to include CarPlay. In February alone, Dodge and Subaru have announced new vehicles with Apple's technology included.

Ford is a founding member of the SmartDeviceLink consortium, which intends to combat Apple and Google's toe-holds in automotive electronics. The SmartDeviceLink model is somewhat different than CarPlay, with the vehicle providing most of the data and connectivity, and the user's phone being more of a terminal. Apple's CarPlay is the other way around, with the user's iPhone doing more of the work involving user communication and services.

Other SmartDeviceLink members include Toyota, Mazda, Suzuki, and the PSA Group.


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    FYI. My three month old 2017 Explorer has CarPlay (wired). 
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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,137member
    I'd bet that Siri gets very familiar with the phrase "nearest gas station" on this urban assault vehicle. ;-)
    cornchipquadra 610jony0
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    God only knows. My Explorer gets an average of 14 mpg. Killing me.
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