3D imaging tech in Apple's 'iPhone 8' may push launch past September - report

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The 3D imaging sensors anticipated for the "iPhone 8" are being produced by STMicroelectronics at a factory in France, a report said on Wednesday, cautioning that parts might not be ready by Apple's usual September launch window.

The sensors are specifically being built in Crolles, near Apple's Grenoble research center dedicated to imaging technology, according to an iGeneration source. The claim is said to align with plans by STMicroelectronics to invest $1 billion during 2017 -- double last year -- specifically for "new products and specialized technologies."

CEO Carlo Bozotti recently publicized a contract expected to generate "substantial" revenues in the second half of 2017, without naming the client involved.

If STMicroelectronics won't have sufficient parts ready for September, that would align with a Mac Otakara report claiming that an "iPhone 8" might launch well after that month, or even next year. Prototypes are in testing, but allegedly the company hasn't settled on anything firm beyond a 5-inch display, a dual camera array and wireless charging.

Likewise, DigiTimes recently claimed that a custom Apple fingerprint sensor won't enter mass production until September.

Most reports have indicated that Apple is planning to launch three new iPhones this year. Though two of them are thought to be LCD-based "iPhone 7s" models, sized at 4.7- and 5.5-inches, the "iPhone 8" has been described as having an edge-to-edge, 5.8-inch OLED screen, with sensors for 3D facial recognition and/or iris scanning. Part of the display should be reserved for virtual buttons, replacing a physical home button.

All three iPhones are typically expected to get wireless charging, like some Android devices, as well as "Type-C" wired charging, though Apple will likely continue to use Lightning connectors.


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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,504member
    In 2018, if Apple could move to OLED for all models than 5.5" becomes larger 6+" OLED iphone but fitted into 5.5" body like new anticipated iphone 8/X, 5.8" OLED fitted into 4.7" equivalent body. So, this year's iPhone 8/X Edition is just a bridge for next year's back to 2 model's with OLED and same physical size as current 4,7" and 5.5" iphones. And guess if iphone SE+ gets OLED than 4" iphone physical size remains same but gets larger screen area with no physical home button. All 3 models of OLED than released in September 2018.
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    Now it's some other feature supposedly pushing back the next iPhone launch? I don't know where these people are getting this information. As far as I know, Apple never gave a launch date for the next iPhone so how can anyone say it's being delayed. Why is there always so much speculation surrounding any Apple product when other companies are left alone? It's as though people can't wait to start the iPhone hype train. The iPhone will be ready when it's ready. Apple can decide on what features to leave off if they want to get it out earlier. I don't think Apple needs to rush anything just because Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S8 sooner. Consumers will either wait for the iPhone or buy some other smartphone. That's the consumers' decision.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,408member
    Apple isn't going to delay the main profit center at the company. More wildly unsubstantiated guessing. 
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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,800member
    Apple will not miss the Dec quarter. If the components can't be procured in bulk by the time production starts, they won't be used. 
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    They'll be ready.
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    "We call it...the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. These are the best iPhones ever made. To tell you all about it, is like to invite up to the stage Phil Schiller. Phil?"


    "Thanks Tim."

    (tech media begins furiously tapping out stories about disappointment...)
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