Apple's iPhone, Samsung phones nearly equal in J.D. Power satisfaction survey



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    zoetmb said:
    But even then, who cares?   The masses tend to buy garbage and I really don't care if some idiot is satisfied with their Samsung phone or not.
    How can you call people idiots if they like Samsung phones? I currently have a 7 Plus and S7 edge. I always go for Apple and Samsung flagships and I found both to be equally good. Satisfied with both. If I am an idiot for this then there r other millions of idiots in this world. And you must be one very intelligent person to insult others.
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    Daekwan said:
    I'm not surprised at this poll at all.  Everything has a certain pricepoint and experience.  I honestly would expect a person who paid $200 for a Galaxy S7 to be as satisfied with their purchase as a person who paid $600 for their iPhone7.   After all.. some people buy KIA and some people buy BMW.  

    What I would not expect.. is someone who paid $600 for their Galaxy S7 to be as satisfied.. as someone who paid $600 for their iPhone7.  If I'm going to pay $50,000 for a brand new luxury car.. then I dont care how features and gimmicks the KIA has.. it is simply not in the same league.  And it definitely does not have the same status, customer service, resale value and overall user experience.
    I don't think KIA and BMW are direct competitors opposed to Galaxy S and iPhone. They have massive price difference. I got my Jet Black 7 Plus 256 for $1,360 and S7 edge with 128 GB SD card for $1,100. Mind you my country imposes heavy tax so it's expensive. Believe me, satisfied with both phones. When it comes to camera, Galaxy S7 edge is just too great apart from 7 Plus's portrait mode. Both are fast, regularly updated with security patches.
    And I can see Samsung being better than what the commentators here, who basically have not bought Samsung due to their hate, say. So will you take the word of a user or will you take the word of a hater depends on you.
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    bluefire1bluefire1 Posts: 1,304member
    An iPhone and Verizon: Perfect together.
    Rarely had a call dropped regardless of location, and good customer service.
    Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.
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    analogjackanalogjack Posts: 1,073member
    This is the most pointless survey I can imagine. All they have shown is that Samsung owners have very low standards, which was already obvious.
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    My fiancée is changing from S7 to iPhone 7 as soon as her contract runs out in April. Can't wait. 

    It's battery life is poor, gets extremely hot in use and while charging. I'm always helping her with software problems. 

    Family sharing on iOS will be a godsend. She's very dissatisfied with her S7
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