Samsung's 5 million Galaxy S8 sales far below 2014's S4 peak



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    Typical DeD article.
    Well if you want lies and Samsung coddling go and read : or or any websites you can find when you google Samsung Galaxy S8 - they all love Samsung new hot sales (imagine if it was Apple, they would shred it apart). Only AI tells the fact, 5 Million is 5 Million, but even that you can't accept the truth. 
    They're not paid to accept this truth. This site is rife with paid marketers. 
    Either shipped / sales numbers are accurate or not.

    From CNET posted in January 31, 2017;
    "Apple sold more iPhones than ever before -- 78.3 million"

    If Apple sells more flagship phones than Samsung, then that's just the way it is. 
    But they don't sell more than Samsung...
    that's shipment though. not actual sales.
    and shipped equals sales...they aren't coming back...they will be sold....for all OEMs.
    How'd all those recalled shipments sell?
    what recalled shipments? Oh...last year the Note that what you eluded too? But that was subtracted from sales when they were recalled by Samsung.
    avon b7
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