Apple squashes bugs with releases of iOS 10.3.3, macOS Sierra 10.12.6, tvOS 10.2.2, watchO...



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    updating 6s just now... any reason why Apple insists on a WiFi connection to download items that are about 50mb+? I keep it switched off as the wifi at my work and at hotspots are usually 1-2mbps at best, my 4G connection is easily 20-30mbps minimum. It's annoying on the app-store too, any "big" apps need wi-fi to install :(
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    lorin schultzlorin schultz Posts: 2,771member
    lkrupp said:
    loren22 said:
    Don't update. iPhone 7 went into a hang. Won't update.
    This is dangerous advice, as iOS updates also contain security fixes.

    No problems here on several devices.
    Then delete the post.
    Deleting the post is not necessary. Pointing out the risks is enough.

    I almost always wait a few days before installing updates, because oopsies can happen to anyone, and even Apple has had a few go slightly sideways for some users over the years. One of the ways I gauge when it's safe to proceed is watching to see how many people report some kind of failure. I also look for descriptions of what caused the failure to see if it's something I can avoid, and whether Apple issues a revised update that addresses it.

    I find reports of failure as useful as those of success.
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    Updated to 10.3.3 no issues, can't wait for iOS 11 😉
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    Alex1NAlex1N Posts: 72member
    I always check each update for for fixes to Safari's/WebKit's to fix the parlous and risible lack of support for recent HTML 5 releases (even a year ago would be good instead of circa five) and other scripting languages. It's getting tiresome with pages not working properly and/or WebKit crashing (and no matter how many crash reports I've sent, the problems continue). For a company as big as Apple is, surely it can spend some money on programmers to fix it.

    Anyway, I live in hope with each update, if somewhat Quixotically, to see if it gets fixed. Next major version(s), perhaps?.

    Regarding iOS updates on iPhones, I have found it wise to just leave it alone even if it looks stuck - mine have always completed satisfactorily in the end (current one is 7+).

    Alex. :)
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    boredumbboredumb Posts: 1,418member
    steveau said:
    macxpress said:
    loren22 said:
    Don't update. iPhone 7 went into a hang. Won't update.
    Just because you have issues doesn't mean everyone else will. Your setup isn't the same as everyone else's. 
    Loren22 has made only two previous posts in two and a half years, both of them negative, so more likely s/he's trolling.
    Maybe "s/he's" aim is to keep Apple's update numbers closer to Android's...?
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